Friday, April 02, 2010

BEDA 1: Fun Times in NYC

Welcome to BEDA! I'll be doing a blog post every day this month, so ... yeah. And that's apart from the TV recaps and the daily photos.
The bus ride into New York City took longer than planned. The driver, I was told, likes to take his time. As a result of that (and the traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel), we arrived about 40 minutes after we were supposed to arrive. As a result, I more or less ran to the interview from the subway station.
I went into NYC to have an interview with the founder of ... oh, I might as well say it ... Barely Political. I checked out the Next New Networks offices for a bit. I met and chatted briefly with Mark Douglas (I think that that's his last name) of Da Key of Awesome, Amber Lee Ettinger (Obama Girl), Eric Beck (formerly of Backyard FX), and Grace Randolph (of Beyond the Trailer) ... and got pictures with them, too. The pictures are up on my Twitpic feed.
I also made a stop at the Cupcake Stop truck while in the vicinity of the offices and picked up 2 Red Velvet cupcakes: one for me and one for Craig because he asked. And I caught the subway back up to Times Square and made a little jaunt over to the Waffles and Dinges truck for a waffle with Nutella and walnuts before catching the bus back.
I caught the bus back, made my way home, had a bite to eat, and decided to watch Angels and Demons. As an adaptation, it was alright, although it left out a few big chucks from the book, like (Caution: spoilers!) Maximilliam Scholl at CERN at the beginning and Langdon in the helicopter at the end. As a movie, it could've been a little shorter and a few things seemed to be a bit vague. Apart from that, I quite enjoyed some of the shots and cinematography.
And ... that was mostly it, apart from dinner and watching Fringe. Oh, and I had the cupcake. The cake could've been a bit more moist and the frosting could've been a bit more cream-cheese-y. Oh well.
That's all for today!
Allons-y, Alonso!

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