Monday, April 12, 2010

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.17 "Lockdown"

And welcome back to another week and another new episode of House! Oh, and what's even more fantastic about this episode is that Hugh himself directed it! Let's get on with it, shall we?

Image courtesy of House MD Guide

According to the press release (provided by House MD Guide),
When a newborn disappears from the nursery, Princeton Plainsboro goes on lockdown, preventing anyone from entering, leaving or moving within the hospital. While House and his team members are trapped in various parts of the building, new insights about the team's personal histories, relationships and regrets surface in the all-new "Lockdown" episode of House.
CAUTION: From this point on, there are potential spoilers. Consider this the medical warning on pill bottles.

Pre-credit teaser
Aww! Cute baby!
Whoa, Chase! What a wonderful tone to use with your ex!
... How in the world does a baby just go missing?! It's not like she could've crawled out!

First act
You haven't found the time to sign the divorce papers, Chase?!
Taub! Seriously?! Why would you do this?!

Second act
Wilson ... you went STRAIGHT to the sex questions?!
... Now you're taking a Vicodin to get the "experience", Taub?!

Third act
And they brought in a chopper?!
Whoa! The kid is ... 4? 5, maybe? And he hates her already?! She was just born, for crying out loud!
Oh ... does House still has a thing for Cuddy?
Taub and Foreman are stoned now? ... Ha ha!
... And they tossed in a Fight Club reference! Nice!

Fourth act
13 ... asking Wilson to steal?! He's such a Goodie Two-Shoes!
Oh! Franka Potente's character from the season premiere! Aww ...

Fifth act
13, he's your dad! Just come clean to him!
Wilson wants to get back together with his 1st ex? Interesting.
Speaking of your baby, Cuddy, we haven't seen her in a long time. How's she doing?
Shouldn't that nurse be on treatment or meds for the seizures?
God ... that must be so hard ... more or less saying goodbye to your daughter who you walked out on so many years ago. *tear*

Ending tag
And the baby's okay!
Taub is doing Foreman a solid? Interesting. What're his motives, if he has any?

Overall, I quite liked this episode, as it wasn't the usual procedural case and because of the color tones (blue/green for Chase + Cameron and House + the patient, brown/yellow for Taub + Foreman, Wilson + 13, Cuddy + the parents), as well as the trippy camera angles after Taub and Foreman popped Vicodin.

And here's a little treat for you, courtesy of GraphJam.
And it is kinda true. :)

Until next week, you scruffy pill-poppers!

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