Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"

CAUTION: Spoilers from this point on.

... WHA?! How did Hurley get Chang to give the speech?!
Hrm ... could Crazy Libby have been perceptive to other time-lines or other time-periods?
Waitwaitwait ... is Hurley flip-flopping on the whole dynamite issue?!
Young Jacob back again to haunt Flocke?

Yes! We finally learned what the Whispers are!

Libby! :D
Dude ... I think you've got some Ilana on you.
And Desmond is order 42. ... Correct!
Oh crap ... Des is wearing a red shirt.
Aww! ^_^
And the small surviving troop is splitting into two smaller groups. Wonderful!
Libby and Hurley finally get their date! Aww! ^_^
Flocke ... you had BETTER not be doing what I think you're planning on doing. ... I JUST WANT TO REACH THROUGH THE SCREEN AND BEAT YOU TO A PULP!
Okay ... that could be considered payback for what happened in the Crash Timeline.

And that's it for this week, my camp of survivors! See you in anotha life, brothas!

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Sean said...

that about sums up my thoughts on the episode.

the payback thing is something I didn't think of when it happened, but makes sense.