Saturday, April 24, 2010

BEDA 24: Brief Thoughts On- The Book of Eli

What follows are some brief thoughts on The Book of Eli. Warning: THERE ARE SPOILERS!

I quite got a kick of sorts from Carnegie's situation at the end of the film. He ended up getting what he wanted, yet at the same time, he DIDN'T get what he wanted. It was very oddly like a whole handful of real situations in which people partially get what they want. And I really liked the significance of his name, as he was most likely named after Andrew Carnegie, the steel baron.
I got a kick out of the resilient elderly couple. And I didn't realize that the husband was played by Michael Gambon. But I did recognize Malcolm McDowell as the head of the Alcatraz Printing Press.
The big question of the film was the blindness of Eli. All throughout the film, the audience can see his eyes from afar and they don't appear to be opaque. So, that could mean that all his other senses were able to compensate for his lack of vision OR he was legally blind and could somewhat see.
I really liked the post-apocalyptic Western feel that the film had, as Eli was the lone traveler who came into town and shook it up and left.

As for the overall message, I felt that it was all about the importance of religion, which was quite evident. But the film didn't have a heavy handed religious message. It was more of two different sides fighting for the use of religion. Carnegie wanted to use it to control the illiterate and stupid. Eli wanted to protect it, as the morals are important to all peoples.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Or if you want to discuss this, leave a comment.

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