Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BEDA 13: An Interesting Conversation

During my show today, I received an IM from an online listener partway through Max's (my apprentice) block of music. I'll let the conversation speak for itself. Screen names have been replaced for privacy, of course.

(2:01:59 PM) Listener: are you guys singing in the radio station?
(2:03:54 PM) Me: No, this is a CD.
(2:04:19 PM) L: can you change the song i dont like this one
(2:04:35 PM) L: the skip button doesnt work in winamp
(2:04:54 PM) M: It's live radio. The skip button shouldn't work for live radio.
(2:05:03 PM) L: so can you change the song?
(2:05:13 PM) M: The song is over in about 30 seconds.
(2:05:17 PM) L: i thought live radio takes requests
(2:05:31 PM) M: Yes, we do, but not usually to end the song while it's still playing.
(2:08:51 PM) L: was that RBF?
(2:08:56 PM) M: Yup!
(2:09:11 PM) L: now whats this mexican shit?
(2:09:18 PM) M: ... This is Bruce Springsteen.
(2:09:26 PM) L: was he mexican
(2:09:33 PM) M... No. He's from New Jersey.
(2:09:46 PM) L: they're mexicans in jersey you racist
(2:10:18 PM) MI'm not being racist. All I'm saying is that he's from New Jersey and from my knowledge of him, I know that he isn't Mexican. He got his start in the early '70s.
(2:10:38 PM) L: i see, there werent any mexicans here in the 70s
(2:12:08 PM) L: do you think bruce springstein's initials BS is ironic?
(2:12:46 PM) M: No.
(2:13:30 PM) L: what country are you from?
(2:13:55 PM) L: NO MORE BRUCE
(2:14:26 PM) L: are you from the UK?
(2:14:33 PM) M: Was my accent that good?
(2:14:44 PM) L: not really
(2:14:54 PM) L: sounded like a uk'sh accent
(2:14:58 PM) L: couldnt really tell
(2:15:02 PM) L: thats why i had to ask
(2:15:21 PM) L: so you were trying to put on a british accent?
(2:15:28 PM) M: Ah ... well ... thanks, but I'm from NY, but I quite like faking accents.
(2:16:07 PM) L: thats retarded...
(2:16:30 PM) M: It's retarded to have an appreciation for another country's culture and to try and emulate it?
(2:16:58 PM) L: its retarded to emulate another countries culture and try and make others think you're a foreigner
(2:18:12 PM) M: That's the fun of being on the radio. Nobody knows who the DJ really is.
(2:19:10 PM) L: you're a student from binghamton
(2:19:37 PM) M: That's a logical conclusion. But that's all you could deduce.
(2:22:41 PM) L: are you playing BS out of spite?
(2:23:26 PM) mistaali is offering to send file 02 - Red Rocking Chair.mp3
(2:23:32 PM) L: can you play this song instead?
(2:24:29 PM) M: No, I'm not playing Bruce in spite. And my show is just about over. Sorry.
(2:24:47 PM) L: can you give me a shoutout
(2:25:00 PM) L: to your only listener
(2:25:07 PM) M: I have other listeners.
(2:25:15 PM) L: yeah which ones?
(2:25:31 PM) L: you've been playing BS the whole day
(2:25:49 PM) M: All I know is that I have other people listening online. And no, I've only been playing Bruce for 10 or so minutes.
(2:26:06 PM) L: seems like an eternity when it sucks
(2:26:28 PM) L: did you just give me a shoutout?!
(2:26:36 PM) L: OMG I WAS ON THE RADIO!!!!!!
(2:26:43 PM) L: THANKS!
(2:26:47 PM) M: You're welcome.
(2:26:48 PM) L: i love BS
(2:26:55 PM) L: im a fan
(2:27:03 PM) L: love his shitty voice
(2:27:11 PM) L: have a nice day
(2:27:13 PM) L: see you next week

... ... ... Okay then ...
Until tomorrow! Allons-y, Alonso!

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Danielle said...

I can't believe you gave that guy a shout-out, what an idiot =P