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365 Photos, Day 90: Complaint

So ... since when are the Jonas Brothers rock? To be honest, I consider them pop. I mean ... they are, aren't they? They're Disney bubblegum pop. I just don't see them as a rock group. I see them as a manufactured boy band.
And as for poor organization ... it's a LIBRARY for crying out loud! Things should be organized by artist/author and in the same section! I shouldn't find a War CD, followed by a White Stripes CD, a Who CD, and a Weezer CD. I should find a War CD, followed by a Weezer CD, a White Stripes CD, and a Who CD. This disappoints me severely.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 Photos, Day 89: Gaiman Binge

Picked these two up, along with "Creatures of the Night", "Murder Mysteries", and "Harlequin Valentine" from the library ... and a few other non-Gaiman titles. Finished "Creatures", "Murder", and "Harlequin" already.

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.10- "The Package"

Caution: Spoilers from this point on.

Jin and Sun aren't married?! WHA?!
Would you trust a creature taking the form of a dead man? No. I wouldn't.
What caused Ben to go looking for Sun?
And was Sun speaking Korean because of the shock from running into the tree?
Back to Room 23?!
WHO is the package?! Hrm ... I would guess ... Desmond? ... And I'm right! :D

We now know how Jin ended up in the walk-in fridge/freezer.
And we discovered who/what the package was.

Jin was in Room 842.
... Room 23 again?
Mikhail! ... With both eyes!
... Now he's Patchy once again! :D


365 Photos, Day 88: Seder

Thursday, March 25, 2010

365 Photos, Day 84: Travel

It's FINALLY Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, boyfriends and girlfriends and evil exes! The day is finally here!
After months and months and months of teasing us with fake trailers and numerous production still and numerous behind-the-scenes photos, ... the trailer for Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is HERE! ... Yup! Just click HERE and you will be taken to the trailer on the Apple site.
Go ahead! Watch it and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.09- "Ab Aeterno"

CAUTION: This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

- When’re we going to get Ilana’s full history with Jacob?
- How does Richard not know what to do next?
- The Island is Hell?!!? If that’s true … how did the 6 get off the Island? How did everything that happened happen?
- … Was Hurley talking with one of Richard’s dead former crewmates? … O_O
- Whitfield? … As in … ancestor of Widmore?
- HANSO! Magus Hanso! Yes! Finally! Bringing the ARG into the show!
- The foot of the statue was believed to be the devil. Something with a clash of cultures or beliefs, perhaps?
- So … was Jacob taking the form of Isabella? Or was that Smokey? Or was it all a hallucination?
- So … did Jacob somehow separate Smokey from MIB? Or is that what he wanted Richard to believe?

- Now we see how Ilana and Jacob knew each other. … Kinda.

- The Canary Islands in the 1800s … interesting.
- Well, I see that Smokey has been around for a while.
- 5 officers and Richard … 6 people … 6 candidates?
- This knife again … and the same instructions … interesting.
- Hrm … this is sounding a bit like The Tempest. Jacob brought the Black Rock to the Island, much like Prospero bringing Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian, Ferdinand, and Gonzalo to the island.
- Very interesting … like the clash of liberal ideals versus conservative ideals. Everyone is free versus everyone is corrupted.
- Perhaps Richard could see Isabella because he was close to death.
- Hurley is still defying the red shirt myth/legend.

- Oh, look. The boars are back.
- I hate the manipulation and lying by Smokey/MIB! I know that it’s necessary to the plot and all, but … GAH!
- Wet hair continuity fail.

Until next week, you lost candidates!

365 Photos, Day 82: Beatles!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

He's Turned ... Into a Troll

I got a text earlier this afternoon from my brother that said "i know wat u can get me 4 my birthday..." *
What does he want, you ask? "un ds con hartgold"
Yes, one of the new versions of Pokémon. He's 16 going on 17. ... Really? "si"
"... You're still in to Pokémon?" I asked in reply? "who isnt?"
I'm not really. ... But this is the first I've heard from you about Pokémon in ... years." "i still like the u owe me after not seeing les mis" (My former high school just put on Les Mis as the spring musical and he played in the pit.)
"You haven't played the games since ... Diamond, right? Or Gold/Silver?" "crystal. but i have played it recently on my game boy. and i have tried a few of the others that my friends have." (... He's been playing his Game Boy Color recently?! What a shock!)
"Answer is no. But it may be a maybe if let my play a Doctor Who game on the Wii of the DS" "wtf?!? there is a game like that?" (I know I forgot a "you" in between "if" and "let". And he is apparently in shock.)
"Yes. There will be. Come holiday time." "if i let u do that, i would have to either spray the consoles w/ holy water or torch them." (Uh oh ... I'm not liking where this is going.)
"Doctor Who isn't the devil! Nor is it unholy!" "it is gay and lame! almost like you." (What a shock. Breaking out the old retort.)
"You're turning into a (internet) troll." "a what?" (Obviously, he doesn't check much College Humor. Or watch Ray William Johnson.)
"An internet troll. Look it up on Youtube or College Humor." "u ought to join IAA." (He thinks that I'm on a LITTLE bit too much. Obviously, he hasn't found good connections on the Internet. Just flash games and pics of babes for him.)
"You're offly sunny today. What's the occasion?" No reply. I guess I did learn something from that College Humor video. :) (And yes, I know I misspelled awfully.)
Thanks, College Humor!

And no, I'm not going to get him the DS and the game. I mentioned it to my mom earlier and she laughed. I guess that that's a no from her, too. I'll think of something inexpensive that he'll like or get a kick out of. Maybe a new Wii game. Or maybe I'll take him to see MacGruber or Shrek Forever After as an belated birthday gift.

*All sent and received texts are accurately quoted.

365 Photos, Day 80: Studying

Saturday, March 20, 2010

365 Photos, Day 79: Sunrise

The Secret to No Sleep

No, it's not bottles upon bottles of No-Doz.
No, it's not gallons upon gallons of coffee or tea.
It's the internet. You can always find something to keep you amused or occupied on the internet.
And how've I been keeping away? So far ... I've caught up on some web videos, watched 2 episodes of Doctor Who (2 Donna episodes ... and I haven't seen any Donna episodes before), and finally replying to some letters from Dailybooth friends.
*sigh* ... Good times ... but I'm still tired. I'll fix that later.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Typos ... in College

If you're looking at the title and thinking "Wait ... he's 20 ... and he isn't using Spellcheck and looking over his papers for errors?!" ... you're wrong, my friends. Scratch that last bit. I'm sounding like McCain ... and I'm not an elderly, grumpy, forgetful politician. ... Anyway ...
I receive a daily e-mail digest with information about campus events and such. Today, under the section of Career Development, I saw listed (and I quote directly):
How to Pepare for Grad School, the Workforce and Beyond
I shite you not. They forgot the Oxford Comma! But then again, who gives a fcuk about it? ... Oh! You mean the typo! Gee ... well ... either the Career Development Center thinks that they're too important for Spell Check or they overlooked it ... or the system that people submit information to the digest through didn't catch it and fix it.
But honestly ... you're a top state college ... and there's a typo in the daily digest going out to ALL the students enrolled. ... Really?!?! *dejected sigh*

365 Photos, Day 78: Marathon

Going until tomorrow. You can listen at

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

365 Photos, Day 76: St. Patty's Day

Textual Innuendos

Earlier, I shot my mom a text asking what plans we (as a family) might have plans for April 3rd, the day of the HUGE Pillow Fight in NYC.
She told me that I had a dentist's appointment in the morning.
I replied with the info about the Pillow Fight.
She wanted to know when the dorms reopened and whether or not pillows were provided.
I replied with the info about both.
She asked if there was going to be an inspector checking pillows for bricks.
I replied telling her that the regs called for plain pillows. And no feather pillows were allowed.
She replied:
"oh no feather pillows they took out all the fun."
I replied:
 "But they cause a big mess ..."
She replied:
"what's a little mess when u r having fun"
Needless to say ... I didn't reply. I was too busy cracking up.

Hrm ... that's all for today. ... Oh, and we started watching Pulp Fiction in my Cinema class. I was quoting along with certain scenes. Twas fun. :)

Later! Allons-y, Alonso!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.08 "Recon"

This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Sawyer's a cop?!?! And he's working with Miles?! WHOA! Total 180!
Flocke ... the half-truth ... it's not going to get you by.
He's calling Cooper?!?! ... Oh ... unresolved issues, I guess?
Who is Miles's girlfriend?
What made Sawyer chose cop over criminal/con man?
What killed nearly all of the Ajira people except for Zoe?
No wide eyes from Widmore about the revelation that Locke is not Locke?
... What is Sawyer thinking?!?!
CharlieCharlieCharlie ... KATE?!?! What'd she do now?

Well, now we know where Sawyer has been on-Island.

Seems like Sawyer is still in it for himself.
Flocke's revelation to Sawyer didn't seem to phase him. I guess that he's seen enough crazy stuff on the Island.
Well, this is getting interesting.
Aaron's crazy mother is... Claire?
People aren't really gone when they die. ... Nobody really dies on Lost ... hrm ...
Wow ... Crazy Claire is having a bit of a breakdown.

Oh, look! The numbers on the clock! 8:42 PM
A copy of Watership Down ... nice.
Well, we haven't seen Hydra Island in a while.
You've just been smacked down by Smokey!

And that's a wrap! Until next week, Losties!

365 Photos, Day 75: Clear Day

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mostly a (Mon)Day in the Life

Let's just say that Daylight Savings Time might've messed my schedule up a tad bit. Why? I forgot to turn off the 10 AM alarm and turn on the 9 AM alarm last night. I mean, it's not a major problem as my Monday doesn't kick into high gear until 1 PM or so ... but still.
I woke up around 10 with the ending strains of "Walk Like a Man" from the Jersey Boys soundtrack and the beginning strains of Linda Rondstadt's "You're No Good" entering my ears. I looked over at the clock a little groggily. It displayed 10:00 AM ... or thereabouts. I turned to look at Brandon (who recently started blogging) who was sitting at his desk. "It's Monday, right?"
Events proceeded. I undocked my iPod, turned on my phone, and checked my texts to learn from my brother that one of the nearby towns back home was almost flooded. Apparently, the NorEaster did a number back home. I hopped out of my bed with the covers more out of position than they usually are in the mornings. Maybe I had some bad dreams. I have no clue.
I got my shower wares together, showered, dressed, and walked down to the dining hall where I ran into Sam and Jim, two friends from back home who I know through my mom's circle of friends. We ate and caught up on life. I learned about Jim's unfortunate locking out at 1:30 or so in the morning because he was doing laundry, along with how he walked over to Sam's for a place to sleep in his socks ... and how he stole the covers and pushed Sam out of the bed.
I made my way back to the dorm to check my e-mail and such. I discovered that I had a package in. I popped down to the package pick-up and discovered that my grandparents down in Florida sent the latest Capitol Steps CD "Obama Mia" to me. It was quite a pleasant surprise. On my way back to the hall, Ben Folds's "Dr. Yang" came on my iPod and I was in such a good mood that I started dancing along, swinging along the poles by the main door and rocking down the hall - and then my iPod flew out of my jacket pocket, coming unplugged from the earbuds. Yes, I've been using earbuds more and more lately. But I digress. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the iPod. And I thank my leather iPod clip-on carrying case.
I settled back into my chair and started going through my e-mail, G-mail, Youtube subs, Dailybooth photos, and other such things. That included Pomplamoose's cover of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and some new She & Him streaming on NPR.
A short while later, I got a reminder text about a flash mob event for the Beyond Coal campaign that I'm a part of, so I kind of begrudgingly changed into the official shirt, grabbed my hat, and walked over to discover that I was late ... so I went back to my room, but not before making a stop at the station, during which time I discovered that Carolyn, one of the DJs, had acquired one of those shirts that reacts to sound, so I saw that in action, which was cool.
I got back to the dorm, changed back into my Ben and Jerry's shirt, and sat down ... then I got a text about re-doing the flash mob for a bit more news footage. I stopped what I was doing, changed back into the shirt, headed out, participated, and returned to my room. I sat down, looked at the clock, realized "Oh, crap, I have class in a few," so I gathered my stuff and headed off.
After Poli Sci, I grabbed a wrap from the dining hall, collected my laptop, and headed down to the station to eat and catch up on e-mail and such. And I thought I'd get this post done then, but ... off to Cinema, in which we finished watching the second Rambo movie and spent roughly an hour and a half learning about the state of the film industry in the 80s. Faster, por favor! We could've learned about all that in ... half the time, perhaps?
After Cinema, I made my way to the station and pulled what could be considered a ton of vinyl for tomorrow's show. The theme? The British Invasion. With a touch of the luck o' the Irish for St. Patty's Day. That was followed by dinner with Jared, Anna, Steven, and ... oh, I can't remember Anna's friend's name.
Dinner was followed by catching up on web stuff, as well as a new episode of House, which I blogged, and now we're in the present. I'm watching The Rachel Maddow Show while waiting for the rebroadcast of tonight's episode of Countdown. And I should probably do a bit more homework ... that would be the smart thing to do. And I'm smart, so ... enough typing on here! More typing in Word!

But before I go, I wanted to share a few quick links and such with you.

- I learned today that a house back near home burned down. It was designed by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. How sad.
- The A Cappella group Straight No Chaser posted a sweet cover of Queen's "You're My Best Friend".
- Craig (Wheezy Waiter) apparently kills his past self, killing his present self. WHA?!
- An office worker for Thinkgeek took a week off because he was feeling sick. His co-workers filled his office with 600 Tribbles. Hilarity ensued ... for the viewers.
- I found this bit of stand-up thanks to Bree. Ever had too much Powerpoint?
- And finally, I learned from my friend Frank that there are plans for a Doctor Who video game. *fanboy squee*

Okay, that's enough. ... For someone who isn't overly chatting ... I love to write. ... For some reason, I think I'm pulling a Neil Gaiman. ... I doubt it.

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.16 "Black Hole"

And welcome back to another week and another new episode of House!

The Team
Image courtesy of House MD Guide

According to the press release,
The team takes on the case of a high school senior who inexplicably blacks out during a class field trip. While in the hospital, the patient repeatedly hallucinates. After exhausting myriad ineffective treatments for her mysterious ailments, House attempts one last controversial approach to diagnosing her: monitoring her cognitive patterns and looking for clues. Meanwhile, Taub airs his dirty laundry at work, and Wilson attempts to furnish his condo.
Let's get the show on the road, shall we?

CAUTION: From this point on, there are potential spoilers. Consider this the medical warning on pill bottles.

Pre-credit teaser
Whoa! Sweet planetary opening!
Vodka in class? That's called pushing it ...

First act
Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference! Win, Wilson!
Taub, you NEED to spend more time with your wife.
Cool space-y transition!

Second act
Okaaaaay ... awkward sex talk ...
When did House turn into Doctor Who?!

Third act
... House, you don't sext someone else's wife.
She's seeing a hallucination of her younger self?! Her dead twin sister?!

Fourth act
Taub ... DURING WORK?!?!
And House ... acting like a cop/father? Nice touch!

Fifth act
Interesting furniture pieces, Wilson, especially the dome chair and the huge circle ... thing.
So ... does everyone have daddy issues, House?
Hrm ... we seem to be seeing less of Cuddy. Maybe because Wilson has taken a bit of a larger role.
No last-minute revelation, House? Shocker!

Ending tag
NOW you have a revelation! Fantastic!
Oh no ... you didn't, Nick's dad! Oh God! That is ... so wrong!
Abby's mom! Slap him! Slap him! Slap him!
An organ?! Sweet! :D
"A Whiter Shade of Pale" ... oh, FANTASTIC! :D
Renewing your vows, Taub? Oh, how sweet! Don't piss her off again!
Taub ... Taub, did you just hear what I said?! DON'T PISS HER OFF AGAIN!

... No preview for the upcoming episodes? I'm guessing that it'll return ... in 3 or 4 weeks.

And a little bonus for you, readers. Itchy and Scratchy playing House.

Until next week, you scruffy pill-poppers!

365 Photos, Day 74: The Clouds Are Here

I'm guessing that it's the Ides of March. Or Mother Nature reneging on the good weather from last week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

365 Photos, Day 73: Sun at 5:50

This is one of the few things I thank Daylight Savings Time for.
Overall, today went well. I got a bit more of my Cinema essay done, my 2 meetings went well, and I picked a topic for my next video on Wednesday and filmed a teensy bit to e-mail off for a bit of graphics work.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

365 Photos, Day 71: Rain on the Way

Lost and Adaptive Evolutionary Information (A Final Paper)

First, a bit of preface. Last Spring, I took a course on evolutionary theories and beliefs and representations of them in cinema. We had the option of either doing a short film or a paper as the final project. My classmate and friend, Wyatt, and I had been talking about Lost over the course of the semester and we decided, "Hey, why not write a paper on how Lost uses adaptive evolutionary tactics?" ... Actually, it was more of Wyatt's idea and I quite liked the idea of it, so I hopped on board. We worked on it for a week or two or so ... and the final product came out to roughly twelve and a half pages. ... On Lost.  I shit you not. ... I'm such a nerd. :) And I think that we aced the paper, too.
Now, without further ado ...

Lost and Adaptive Evolutionary Information

Lost is a series created by J.J. Abrams that puts the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island.  This island serves as a mechanism that brings out adaptive information from the characters interactions.  Through the observation of characters’ relationships and their episodic flashbacks, it can be determined that Lost displays the effects of evolutionary psychology with respect to family conflict, survival, and advanced mating strategies.  This analysis will show that family conflicts have profound effect on the actions and lifestyles of an individual; groups of humans contain adaptive information for survival; and women contain adaptive information that allows them to pick proper mates.
            On Lost, family and family issues are a major driving force of the show.  While most of the family issues don’t occur on the island, they are revealed through the use of flashbacks.  However, these parental issues provide specific adaptive information, like not to become estranged with your family and mess up relationships.
Jack Shephard and his father, Christian, have a rocky and estranged relationship after Jack assaults his father at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because that Jack thinks that his wife was seeing Christian. This drives his father back to drinking, after being sober for 50 days. Jack then relieves his father during a surgery on a pregnant woman. Jack discovers that Christian was operating under the influence and reports him as a chronic alcoholic, causing Christian to lose his license.  Christian exiles himself to Australia where he dies of a heart attack.  Jack flies to Australia to bring Christian’s corpse back to Los Angeles on Oceanic Airlines flight 815, which crashes on the island.
            Claire Littleton is Christian Shephard’s illegitimate Australian daughter.  She is raised by her mother, Carole.  Christian spent time with Carole and baby Claire, supporting them with money, until Carole’s sister barred him from visiting.  As a result of not knowing her father, Claire receives not enough parental investment.  After Carole is left in a coma as a result of a car accident that Claire was responsible for, Christian comes to visit, pays the bills, and suggests to Claire that she pull the plug on her mom.  A few years later, Claire becomes pregnant with her boyfriend, who leaves her.  She goes to a psychic who tells her that she must raise the baby alone. She then decides to give the baby up for adoption.  The psychic tells her that a couple in Los Angeles will adopt the baby and he gives her a ticket on Oceanic Airlines flight 815.
Charlie Pace, a member of a one-hit wonder band, ends up on the island because he went to visit his brother and former band mate, Liam, in Australia to try to reform the band, named DriveSHAFT.  After the crash, Charlie is able to kick his heroin addiction and bonds with Claire, who is nearing her due date.  He assists in the birth of her baby, Aaron.  He becomes a father figure for Aaron, helping Claire raise him.  When Danielle Rousseau, a survivor of a boat crash during the 1980s, kidnaps Aaron, Charlie and Sayid, another survivor, follow her to reclaim Aaron.  During their time on the island, Charlie becomes a surrogate father for Aaron, protecting him and Claire.  However, a rift grows between Claire and Charlie when she discovers that he has been keeping a stash of heroin he found on the island from the Beechcraft that crashed on the island a number of years before Oceanic Airlines flight 815 crashed.  Charlie redeems himself by unjamming the radio signal in an underwater Dharma Initiative station and sacrificing himself when the station floods.
            In the late 1990s, Kate Austen is mistreated by who she thinks is her stepfather, Wayne. She blows up his house, killing him.  It turns out that Wayne was her real father.  His abusive tendencies didn’t bode well for her parental investment.  Kate’s mom essentially disowns her.  Kate is chased, almost relentlessly, by a US marshal, causing her to live on the run.  She ends up staying with a farmer in Australia, who turns her in to the authorities.  Also, before coming to the Island, the lives of a farmer and a marshal take precedence over Kate’s life, as she helps them in dire times instead of getting away or helping herself first, showing that she doesn’t want others to get hurt.
After Claire disappears, Kate takes Aaron off of the island on the helicopter.  Once the six survivors of the plane crash, including Aaron, reach the mainland, Kate claims Aaron to be her son and raises him over the course of three years, with the help of Jack, making the three of them a pseudo-family.  Jack ends up leaving Kate and Aaron when he starts seeing his dead father and taking medication.  She makes the decision to return to the island, but leaves Aaron in the care of his biological grandmother, Claire’s mother, who came out of her coma sometime between the plane crash and the rescue of the six survivors.
Anthony Cooper is an elderly con man. Cooper cons the parents of a young James Ford, also known as Sawyer, who kill themselves, orphaning James.  As a result of receiving little parental investment, James becomes independent.  He makes a vow to avenge his parents’ deaths by killing Cooper, who was known as Tom Sawyer during the con.  James adopts the nickname of Sawyer and begins to con people to make a living, becoming like the man who killed his parents.  He falls in love with one of the women who he cons and has a daughter with her.  After he gets out of jail for a failed con, he travels to Australia to find and kill a man who he has been told is the original Sawyer.  Before leaving, he opens an anonymous bank account for Clementine, his daughter.  The man that Sawyer kills isn’t the original Sawyer, though.  After a series of events in Australia, Sawyer is banned from the country and leaves on Oceanic Airlines flight 815.  On the island, Sawyer takes part in a few short-term relationships, but not enough to create familial bonds.  By an odd stroke of chance, Cooper appears on the island and Sawyer kills him.
            Cooper is also John Locke’s father.  Life without a father was tough for Locke, having received little parental investment.  He was always bullied in school and he ended up taking menial jobs, like working in a supermarket.  Locke finds Cooper after asking his mother about his father.  Cooper bonds with Locke by going on a series of hunting excursions. He convinces Locke that his remaining kidney is failing and he needs a donated kidney from Locke, who is a match. He ends up conning Locke out of a kidney. When Locke goes to talk Cooper out of conning a woman Cooper’s planning on marrying, Cooper pushes Locke out of an 8th story window, paralyzing Locke.
Mr. Paik is an influential Korean businessman who hires enforcers to do his dirty work. One of those hired hands is his son-in-law, Jin-Soo Kwon, who is married to his daughter, Sun-Hwa Paik.  Over time, Jin and Sun’s marriage begins to strain because of Jin’s job and because Sun is being blackmailed by Jin’s mother, who he believes is dead.  Sun contemplates leaving him.  On a business trip to Sydney and Los Angeles, Sun is prepared to abandon Jin at the Sydney airport, but decides against it.  They both board Oceanic Airlines flight 815.  On the island, Sun gets pregnant. Off the island, she gives birth to a daughter, Ji Yeon. She believes that Jin died in the freighter explosion, but he’s still alive on the Island. She becomes bitter about his death, buys a majority of the shares of her father’s company, and offers her assistance to Charles Widmore to get back to the island.
            Michael Dawson and his wife, Susan Lloyd, divorce and she gets custody of Walt, their son, after a drawn out custody battle. Michael doesn’t see Walt for another 8 years, when he’s 10. Michael is given custody of Walt after his wife’s second husband doesn’t want custody.  Walt receives parental investment from both of his parents, but more from his step-father, however his step-father is too freaked out by Walt, turning him over to Michael.  On the Island, Walt is captured by the Others, a group of hostiles who have been living on the island for decades, and Michael rescues him and gets off the Island by making a deal with the Others. Michael proceeds to redeem himself when he sacrifices himself to let the helicopter with the six survivors of the plane crash take off by slowing a bomb detonation on a freighter sent to take out Benjamin Linus.
            Miles Straume is raised by his mother. When he asks about his father, his mother tells him to not ask and to not search for him.  He grows up to be focused on making money by exploiting his talent to speak to the dead.  This is because he didn’t receive a beneficial amount of parental investment.  Eventually, Miles is recruited to find the island and through a series of events, finds himself, along with other survivors of Oceanic Airlines flight 815, on the island during the Dharma Initiative’s prime, the mid 1970s. There, he meets his father, Pierre Chang, one of the head Dharma scientists. After avoiding interaction with Chang, Hurley reveals to Chang that Miles is his son. Miles tells his father that he Chang must send baby Miles and his mother off the island to avoid being killed in an accident that threatens the lives of everyone on the island.
            David Reyes, the father of Hugo, also known as Hurley, walks out on Hurley and his mother when Hurley was young.  As a result of receiving not enough parental investment, Hurley gained massive amounts of weight.  David returns after Hurley wins the lottery to mooch off of him. He also wanted to renew his relationship with Hurley’s mother and Hurley.  After Hurley gets off of the island, David redeems himself when he takes Sayid to Ben and Jack because Jack is trying to get the six survivors back to the island.
            Roger Linus, a recruit to the Dharma Initiative, blames Ben, his son, for his wife’s death. Roger drinks heavily, relapsing into alcoholism, and beats an adolescent Ben.  As a result of this, Ben receives very poor parental investment.  Roger gets his comeuppance fifteen years later when Ben gasses him and the main contingent of the Dharma Initiative, taking over the Dharma barracks with the Others.
            When Ben is in his 20s, he is working with the Others and being their inside man at the Dharma Initiative, a research group studying the island.  He is ordered by Charles Widmore to kill Danielle Rousseau, the lone survivor of a scientific expedition, along with her infant daughter, named Alex.  Ben spares Rousseau’s life and adopts Alex as his own, against the wishes of Widmore.  Ben raises Alex as his own daughter, as she doesn’t know who her real mother is.  She ends up being shot in the head by the leader of a team of mercenary who were sent to the island to capture Ben, after Ben refuses to surrender.
In the 1950s, Charles Widmore is on the island and is a member of a group that will come to be known as the Others.  In the late 1970s on the island, he has relations with another member of the Others, named Eloise Hawking.  She becomes pregnant with a son named Daniel.  Around that time, Eloise leaves the island and presumably gives birth to Daniel off of the island.  She doesn’t tell him anything about his father and raises him to work towards his destiny, developing his scientific mind.  As he isn’t raised by his father, Daniel receives less parental investment.  Daniel is given the last name of Faraday, most likely because Eloise adapts a different last name to prevent Charles from finding her.  After graduating from college, Daniel is given a grant from Charles, his estranged father, to find a way to send a person’s consciousness through time.  These experiments damage his mind, giving him memory troubles.  In 2004, Charles finds Daniel and sends him to the island, healing his mind.  Through a series of odd events on the island, Daniel and the other remaining survivors skip through time, until they are stuck on the island in 1974.  Daniel leaves the island, still with the Dharma Initiative, and returns in 1977 to prevent an accident that he believes will destroy the island.  He goes to the camp of the Others and demands that the leader, an ageless man named Richard Alpert, show him to where his mother and a buried hydrogen bomb are.  A younger and pregnant Eloise shoots Daniel, killing him. She discovers that he is her future son.
During his time as a member of the Others, Widmore goes off of the island many times, having an affair with an “outsider”, fathering a daughter named Penelope.  When Widmore is exiled from the island, he uses his vast wealth to form the Widmore Corporation and raises his daughter Penelope, who comes to be known as Penny by Desmond David Hume, her boyfriend and eventual husband.  Since Widmore can spend more time with Penny, she reaps the benefits of more parental investment.  Charles doesn’t care for Desmond and Penny’s relationship, so he prevents Desmond from communicating with Penny, making Penny think that Desmond doesn’t care for her.  To redeem himself, Desmond enters a boat race across the country being sponsored by Charles.  Desmond ends up marooned on the island.  After spending three years in the Swan Hatch on the island and after living with the survivors, Desmond escapes the island on the helicopter with Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sun, and Hurley.  They are rescued by Penny, who has been looking for Desmond.  Desmond goes on to marry Penny and they have a son named Charlie.
Lost contains lots of adaptive information about survival.  The setting of the island provides the characters with many opportunities to display different survival skills.  The island also contains elements of survival that the survivors do not expect.  These elements force them to follow typical patterns that humans have developed evolutionarily.
From a survival and horror perspective, there are four elements to the island that force group cooperation and act as devices to scare the larger part of the group from straying away from the camp.  The four fearful elements are a mysterious monster that is made of smoke, wild boars, a polar bear, and a group of island inhabitants called the Others. Together these outside influences create an aura of fear that dictates events on the show.
The smoke monster is the first to appear on Lost.  It attacks Jack, Kate, and Charlie while they are searching for a radio.  It stays confined to the jungle and makes a very mechanical sound as it tramples over trees.  The smoke monster kills without reason and moves with frightening speed. Once it is introduced, it stays in the back of the party’s minds and triggers a flight mechanism whenever spotted.
Unlike the smoke monster, the boars are known by the whole camp, and not just the main characters, to exist.  They ransack the fuselage of the plane wreckage and destroy some of the camp.  Once the boars are discovered, Locke begins to hunt them for food.  Jin, Hurley, Charlie, and the rest of the camp begin to gather food and fish to feel like they are contributing to the whole.  The boars will eventually relocate to different area, but in early development of the camp they are representative of how the camp becomes a small community.
The polar bear serves the same purpose as the smoke monster.  Their intent is to confuse and scare the survivors. The island is a tropical place, located between Australia and Los Angeles.  A polar bear has no business being an indigenous animal on this island.  Questions concerning the history of the island arise in light of this encounter.
The most important of all of the looming terrors of the island are the Others.  The Others are the original inhabitants of the island.  They are incredibly strong, they are armed, and they have the advantage of superior numbers.  The first encounter with the Others is with a character named Ethan.  He appears to have been in the plane wreck, but it turns out that he is sent to investigate the situation by the leader of the Others.  The Others are interested in the pregnant Claire because a result of being on the island is that pregnant women die during childbirth.  Ethan tries to kill Charlie and kidnaps Claire only to be killed again by Charlie. 
Meanwhile, Sawyer, Jin, and Michael try to leave the island on a boat they made. They encounter more Others who kidnap Michael’s son, Walt.  The boat is eventually destroyed and Sawyer, Jin, and Michael wash up on shore of the other side of the island.  They encounter the survivors of the tail end of their plane.  Sawyer, Jin, and Michael find out their tenure on the island has been much different than the tail section.  The tail section survivors have been harassed by the Others and have been living in constant fear.  The Others, despite their true intentions, are universally viewed by all survivors as an enemy.
The island forces a decision of what geographic location should be selected for shelter.  Initially, the survivors believe they are going to be rescued, so they remain on the beach in hopes of increasing the odds of being found.  After encountering the Others, another location is found near a cave and freshwater stream.  A debate begins over whether or not the group should live near the ocean, which has a supply of fish and increased likelihood of being saved, or the jungle, which has a supply of drinking water along with protection from an attack by the Others.  This forms a rift amongst the camp.  A compromise is reached that leads leaving a small group in the jungle as a lookout.  Small groups visit the new camp every day for water and checkups.  These decisions contain adaptive information that displays the ingenuity of the human mind when forced to survive in a ruthless environment.  While their dual camp system certainly works, it is put to rest when a mysterious hatch is opened containing food and water.  Desmond, the man in the hatch, informs them of food drops that come to the island.  This allows the show to focus on plot points, rather than food acquisition.
During the “settling the island” phase of the show, three main characters start to drive the show: Jack Shephard, John Locke, and James “Sawyer” Ford.  There are 46 survivors, but somehow these three men are brought in to the spotlight of the show.  They all display certain characteristics that follow the showoff hypothesis laid out by Kristen Hawkes (Buss 83).  Symbolically, Jack is a man of science, Locke is a man of faith, and Sawyer is a man of heart.  Their lives have followed certain paths that make them stand out.  Jack is a doctor whose father passed away recently.  Jack always strived to be a leader, but his life off of the island is filled with failed opportunities to excel at leadership roles.  Once on the island, his status of doctor forces him to be the de facto leader of the survivors.  He provides medical care for the sick, he bravely enters the jungle as every time a situation arises, and the camp looks up to him no matter how reluctant he is to lead them.
Locke’s arrival to the island was much more spiritual for him.  Before the crash, he was crippled from the waist down.  He was trying to go on a walkabout in Australia, but wasn’t allowed on the tour by the leader of the excursion.  After the plane crash, Locke is miraculously able to walk.  He understands that the island is special and unrelentingly believes the island has a purposed destiny for the survivors.  Through his hunting and tracking skills, he garners support for his views on the island.  This comes to plays a major role in later seasons of the show.
Sawyer is arguably less important than Jack and Locke, but he represents something more than them: the underdog.  On the outside, he is uncouth, unmannered, and kind of a jerk.  However, he is also sexy, charismatic, and kind-hearted.  Before showing up to the island, Sawyer was a con man.  He had unfortunate beginnings, but similar to Locke and Jack, the island granted him an opportunity to live the life he wanted, rather than the one given to him.  He scavenges supplies from the plane and uses them to barter his way out of chores.  Sawyer wants to play a larger role in the group, but he does not have the discipline or respect that Jack has.  He undergoes a metamorphosis after Jack is captured by the Others.  The camp is without a leader and he steps in to fill the gap after making amends with everyone.  He steps down upon Jack’s return, reluctantly, yet gracefully.
            Relationships also spout up around the characters and, once again, plenty of adaptive information is found.  The main relationship is a love triangle that exists between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer.  This is where the major mating strategies are displayed.  The simple observation is that Jack and Sawyer want the same thing: the attention of Kate.  Jack shows genuine interest from the start for Kate.  He earns her trust right away by concealing her secret of being a fugitive.  He allows her independence to make decisions about tracking the Others, boars, and going on various treks.  Sawyer, on the other hand, gives her the nickname of Freckles and flirts with her at every opportunity.  He does a good job of balancing his obvious interest with his portrayal of indifference. 
            Kate displays two adaptive qualities in the looming triangle.  She approaches Jack as a prospect of a long-term mate and Sawyer as a short-term mate. All of the tell-tale signs exist in Jack.  For starters, he is a doctor!  It is no myth that doctors and, in Jack’s case, surgeons live stable lives and are financially well off.  He was also married before the plane crash.  Kate finds out that Jack’s spouse divorced him leading her to believe he does not have a fear of commitment.  Jack is the leader of the camp.  Everyone values his opinions on matters of importance and believes him to be of great character.  Jack often ventures into the wilderness encountering numerous hostile situations.  He proves that he’s athletic, and as an added bonus, he certainly is handsome.  I don’t think that J.J. Abrams could have picked a better example than Jack for displaying all the qualities a woman would look for in a long-term mate.
            Sawyer is quite the opposite of Jack.  He lacks a real job in conning others out of their money.  He is often sets up ‘long cons’ that take months to make a single bust.  He is more youthful than Jack; he has long hair and a beard; and he is much more lackadaisical and flirtatious.  Sawyer is from Tennessee and is a criminal.  Kate sees him as her short-term mate.  Women look for thrill and danger in their short-term mates.  They represent some fantasy that becomes materialized.  Sawyer is an exotic criminal on a remote island fighting the forces thrown against him and Kate.  Kate uses her encounters with Sawyer as an opportunity to clarify to herself what she needs in her long-term commitments.  She does not know that Jack is better from the start, but using Sawyer as a short-term mate she can separate the qualities between the two that she needs.  The suitors in this case are manipulated by Kate to increase their desire for her.  By playing Sawyer against Jack, Kate is able to secure the love of Jack by way of jealousy.
            Other less prominent mating strategies involve Charlie, Claire, Sun, and Jin.  Charlie falls for the pregnant Claire.  She gives birth and Charlie develops strong ties to the child.  He shows strong feelings to the child, exhibiting father-like qualities even in the absence of direct genetic relation.  Sun and Jin have a much different dynamic.  Buss’s text does not take in to account cross-cultural tradition.  Sun and Jin have a relationship where the male dictates to the female all orders.  During the course of Lost, this relationship becomes more Westernized as the two interact with the rest of the survivors.
Lost contains adaptive information from many areas of evolutionary psychology. However, areas such as warfare and male strategies are absorbed by the more dominant ideas of survival and the strategies portrayed by Kate.  It is evident that the lives of so many of the characters in the series were affected by the actions of their parents.  It is wonderful how writers use these life paths of their characters to weave the exciting, suspenseful story arc of Lost.  The survival and mating strategies are obvious to onlookers, but they say a lot about the nature of being human.  We are animals shaped by millions of years of evolution and a lifetime of external uncontrollable events.  Lost is a testament to the evolutionary process in action.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.07- "Dr. Linus"

This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Questions (chronologically)
How does Ilana know Jacob?!
Does Richard mean die as in no longer alive or die as in become mortal? Okay. He's sick of being immortal and wants to bite it already. But he won't until we get his story in episode 6.09.
The diamonds are still on the beach?!
WIDMORE?!?!?! ... He doesn't have Desmond, does he?

Musings (chronologically)
So … Ben is like Napoleon. How did I not realize this earlier?
Locke telling Ben to take charge. Wasn’t it the other way around before Ben was exiled?
Ben is NOT getting out of running detention easily.
Alex is back! :D
Hurley still has food on the brain. :)
Oh, look! It’s Randomly Appearing Richard!
Damn! Ilana is PISSED!
The history textbook was open to chapter 19. Someone on a Stephen King kick? :)
Ben’s SOOO not going to keep his promise. … Called it!
Jacob touched you, Richard? In what ways? ;)
Well, I’m glad Ben was able to choose wisely off-Island.

I love the contrasting shadows on Jack and Richard’s faces during their chat in the Black Rock.

365 Photos, Day 68: Sunset through the Blinds

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Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.15 "Private Lives"

As I'm doing this for Lost ... and House is another one of my favorite shows ... I decided to do another posting series. And I might decide to do this for Fringe and Supernatural when they return.

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead. If you HAVEN'T seen the episode yet ... don't read past this.

Private Lives
Image courtesy of House MD Guide

Pre-credits teaser
- Oh, look! It's that girl from That 70's Show! What's her name? *goes to Wikipedia* Oh! Laura Prepon!
- She's blogging? ... Oh ... how ... coincidental.
- ... A black eye and bleeding from the gums? That can't be good!

First act
- I loved the speed dating montage! And House de-constructing the last woman ... classic House!
- Chase is quite the ladies' man.

Second act
- House ... The Usual Suspects was a great movie! And it makes sense if you think about it! ... Or watch it multiple times.
- ... And watching porn at work?!?!

Third act
- House ... you are just BASKING in the glory that is known as torturing Wilson. And I'm loving it. :)
- And you have stills from Wilson's movie? Um ... should I ask? ... You know what? I won't.

Fourth act
- Chase? Charming a nurse?!

Fifth act
- Oh! Finally! Cuddy appears!
- That was some fast typing and clicking, House! IRL typing doesn't work that way ... but we've learned that from the movies and plenty of other TV shows.
- ... Oh dear ... that bites, Laura.

Ending tag
- Ah, yes ... it all comes down to poop. ... Wait ... the poop question came up in a clinic case a few seasons ago.
- Ha! House, you laid the final blow in this episode!

Until next Monday, you scruffy pill-poppers!

365 Photos, Day 67: Arrival

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Live-Blogging the Oscars (East Coast)

Let's get the show on the road!

8:14 PM: I missed most of the Red Carpet dealings ... but I arrived a little before 8 ... and they were still going ... and they still are ... HURRY UP! Get the awards going!
8:21 PM: Why isn't Jeff Bridges wearing a bathrobe and sunglasses and carrying a White Russian?
8:24 PM: Taylor ... please move. I can't see wherever Neil Gaiman might be if he's behind you.
8:29 PM: Finally! It's starting! ... And the Best Actor and Actress nominees take the stage! New format!
8:31 PM: Neil Patrick Harris! :D A sequined suit? Nice! The set looks very 50s-ish! I like it!
8:34 PM: Martin and Baldwin descend like Glinda the Good Witch. Okay ...
8:36 PM: Alright opening monologue, a few good wisecracks, and good banter overall. Let's get to some awards!
8:37 PM: 3D glasses! Ha! ... And seeds from the trees in "Avatar"?!
8:40 PM: Nothing about George? Did his stern looks scare them?
8:42 PM: Lautner and Pattinson in 5 years = Martin and Baldwin? That'd be a hoot!
8:44 PM: Agnes Mishkin?! ... Oh, sorry, Penelope Cruz! My bad!
8:46 PM: 1 for 1. Waltz WAS the favorite, after all.
8:49 PM: Hey! Deadpool! Can ya do something about Miley, Robert, Taylor, and Kristen?
8:50 PM: Okay! First commercial break! ... Miley's presenting soon? *retches*
8:55 PM: Best Animated! ... Teleprompter joke? Really? Oh! I'm loving this montage bit!
8:57 PM: 2 for 2. Up ... no brainer.
9 PM: Miley ... you look very ... orange/bronze. And you are OBVIOUSLY wearing heels. There is NO way you're taller than Amanda Seyfried.
9:01 PM: 2 Randy Newman songs ... and neither will be winning. While I haven't seen "The Princess and the Frog" OR any of the other films up for Original Song, "The Weary Kind" is the biggest buzz surrounding it. And .. 3 for 3.
9:10 PM: Iron Man and Liz Lemon! ... I hope he isn't hungover.
9:11 PM: Oh, look, Robin Williams! ... He isn't up for anything. :( Oh, yes, Robert, those long monologues are great, aren't they? :D
9:15 PM: 4 for 4! Yes!
9:16 PM: John Hughes memorial. *sigh* I've only seen "The Breakfast Club". :(
9:21 PM: ... Macaulay Culkin looks the same as he did about a decade or so ago. ... He isn't a vampire, is he?
9:23 PM: I want those mothereffin' balloons off of my mothereffin' house!
9:26 PM: Sally Sparrow and Uhura/Netyri!
9:29 PM: Great words to the wise, John Lasseter!
9:30 PM: ... Wallace and Gromit doesn't win?!?! WHA?!?! 4 for 5.
9:34 PM: And another Take-Your-Pick category doesn't go my way. 4 for 6.
9:35 PM: And the first Play-Em-Off!
9:36 PM: And another Take-Your-Pick goes my way! 5 for 7.
9:37 PM: ... Ben Stiller ... you have made me laugh. You win! ... And whoever did your makeup should get the Best Makeup award. ... "Star Trek" is cooler than "Avatar". I guarantee it.
9:40 PM: YES! 6 for 8!
9:44 PM: And I STILL have to see "A Serious Man".
9:49 PM: Wow! I did NOT see that one coming! 6 for 9. Congrats to Geoffrey Fletcher!
9:52 PM: Roger Corman (I've seen a bit of the original "Little Shop of Horrors") ... Gordon Willis (recently saw "The Godfather") ... Lauren Bacall (I don't think I've seen any of her movies) ... John Callet ...
9:54 PM: It's the Genie! ... And a ball joke! C'mon! Pot joke! Pot joke! Pot joke!
9:58 PM: And I didn't pick Mo'Nique. Maybe all the buzz turned me off. 6 for 10.
10:05 PM: And one for James Cameron. 6 for 11.
10:09 PM: Who is next to Sarah Jessica Parker?!
10:10 PM: Another one I didn't win. 6 for 12.
10:14 PM: Amusing horror tribute by Baldwin and Martin.
10:16 PM: *retches*
10:17 PM: "JAWS"! Duh duh ... duh duh ... duh duh duh duh ...
10:24 PM: ... Why did I not pick "The Hurt Locker" for Sound Editing?! 6 for 13.
10:25 PM: ... And why did I not pick "The Hurt Locker" for Sound Mixing too?! 6 for 14.
10:35 PM: James! C'mon! Give your ex-wife another award! 6 for 15.
10:38 PM: James Taylor! In Memoriam ... Dom DeLouise! Aww ... Doctor No! Roy Disney! Larry Gelbart! Karl Malden! Aww ...
10:45 PM: Oh, a score montage with a dance troupe! Nice! Hrm ... they couldn't get Pilobolus.
10:50 PM: George Clooney- "WHA?! I'm on camera?!" *does double take*
10:51 PM: Giacchinno doesn't fail! 7 for 16.
10:53 PM: Ryan- "Gerard Butler- "THIS IS OSCARS!" *kicks person into a pit*"
10:54 PM: JAMES! C'mon! Why not a movie that cost $200 million less than yours cost?! 7 for 17.
10:56 PM: Clooney head bob. ^_^
11:02 PM: Yes! Thank you for bringing "The Cove" to my attention, Hank Green! 8 for 18.
11:04 PM: Texted "Dolphin".
11:05 PM: Yes, Tyler Perry, you got that right.
11:06 PM: Martin and Baldwin in Snuggies! Ha! ... YES! THE HURT LOCKER! 9 for 19! ... Correction: I picked "District 9". "FUCK! I PICKED 'DISTRICT 9'!" 8 for 19.
11:16 PM: Wow ... I haven't seen any of the Foreign Language films ... but I was pulling for "The White Ribbon". 8 for 20.
11:30 PM: Nice speeches from former co-stars.
11:31 PM: Okay. Good for The Dude. 8 for 21.
11:35 PM: Someone get The Dude a White Russian! NOW!
11:47 PM: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? ... 8 for 22.
11:51 PM: You can tell that it's Barbara Streisand. It's the nose.
11:54 PM: Congrats to Kathryn Bigelow! You have made history! And I picked your hubby's film to win Directing! "Yes! 'The Hurt Locker'! ... FUCK, I picked 'Avatar'!" 8 for 23. Yeah ... I'm not making it to double digits.
11:57 PM: *double take and walks back out* In Kathryn's head: "I won?!?!?!" Congrats to Kathryn! 9 for 24.

Final thoughts: Congrats to Kathryn Bigelow! You beat your headstrong, ego-driven ex-husband with a more realistic movie that was made for at least $200 million less!

365 Photos, Day 66: Heaven

Saturday, March 06, 2010

365 Photos, Day 65: Henry V

All-female cast. Smashing good job.

Friday, March 05, 2010

365 Photos, Day 64: Improv Everywhere

This was towards the beginning of the experiment.
I arrived about 15 minutes before the experiment started and met up with a few friends who were gathering for the experiment. They were psyched.
As the start time got closer, we were all counting down, silently and out loud.
Everyone started roughly at the same time, but I was 2 to 5 seconds behind, but I was able to keep up.
The activities, you ask? They included ... Nap Time, Steve Says, Follow the Leader, Freeze Tag, Thumb Wars, and an EPIC BATTLE with Balloons at the end. Guess who I massacred during the EPIC BATTLE? Charlie Todd himself!
The event itself was immense fun. And I ended up taking a "Mental Health Day" and missing the class that started 20 minutes before the event ended. Twasn't a big deal.
But it was incredibly cold. And I wished that I had worn my gloves. *sigh*
And I got a picture with Charlie, to cap it all off. :)
I can't wait to see him speak tonight. It should be quite fun.
Allons-y, Alonso!

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365 Photos, Day 63: Improv Gaga

All of the a capella groups on campus gathered in the living community dining hall and broke out in "Bad Romance". It was quite amusing.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.06 - "Sundown"

This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

So, according to Dogon, the Man in Black/Fake Locke/Flocke is basically the Devil?
Was the knife all a ploy or did Dogen believe that it would actually work?
What was Jin doing with Keamy that got him locked up in a storage locker?
How reluctant was Kate to join Flocke's side? It didn't seem like she was in the same haze as Claire and Sayid.

Omar is taken to the same hospital where Jack works.
Jin has had dealings with Keamy, most likely because of a sour deal with Sun's father.

When Kate went to talk to Claire, it seemed oddly similar to “It puts the lotion on its skin” from Silence of the Lambs.
The initial talk between Keamy and Sayid seemed similar to the scene between Sollozzo and Tom Hagen in The Godfather.

Until next week, brotha.

365 Photos, Day 61: The Igloo at Present

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