Monday, March 15, 2010

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.16 "Black Hole"

And welcome back to another week and another new episode of House!

The Team
Image courtesy of House MD Guide

According to the press release,
The team takes on the case of a high school senior who inexplicably blacks out during a class field trip. While in the hospital, the patient repeatedly hallucinates. After exhausting myriad ineffective treatments for her mysterious ailments, House attempts one last controversial approach to diagnosing her: monitoring her cognitive patterns and looking for clues. Meanwhile, Taub airs his dirty laundry at work, and Wilson attempts to furnish his condo.
Let's get the show on the road, shall we?

CAUTION: From this point on, there are potential spoilers. Consider this the medical warning on pill bottles.

Pre-credit teaser
Whoa! Sweet planetary opening!
Vodka in class? That's called pushing it ...

First act
Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference! Win, Wilson!
Taub, you NEED to spend more time with your wife.
Cool space-y transition!

Second act
Okaaaaay ... awkward sex talk ...
When did House turn into Doctor Who?!

Third act
... House, you don't sext someone else's wife.
She's seeing a hallucination of her younger self?! Her dead twin sister?!

Fourth act
Taub ... DURING WORK?!?!
And House ... acting like a cop/father? Nice touch!

Fifth act
Interesting furniture pieces, Wilson, especially the dome chair and the huge circle ... thing.
So ... does everyone have daddy issues, House?
Hrm ... we seem to be seeing less of Cuddy. Maybe because Wilson has taken a bit of a larger role.
No last-minute revelation, House? Shocker!

Ending tag
NOW you have a revelation! Fantastic!
Oh no ... you didn't, Nick's dad! Oh God! That is ... so wrong!
Abby's mom! Slap him! Slap him! Slap him!
An organ?! Sweet! :D
"A Whiter Shade of Pale" ... oh, FANTASTIC! :D
Renewing your vows, Taub? Oh, how sweet! Don't piss her off again!
Taub ... Taub, did you just hear what I said?! DON'T PISS HER OFF AGAIN!

... No preview for the upcoming episodes? I'm guessing that it'll return ... in 3 or 4 weeks.

And a little bonus for you, readers. Itchy and Scratchy playing House.

Until next week, you scruffy pill-poppers!

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