Monday, April 05, 2010

BEDA 5: Back (and the Remnants of a Day)

Okay, okay, I didn't JUST realize that I haven't made a BEDA post for the day. I realized earlier, but I'm kinda just getting around to it now.
So, if you're following me on the handful of sites that I'm active on (Twitter, Dailybooth, Youtube, Flickr, this blog ...), you have probably figured that Spring Break is now more or less over and I'm back up at college. Congrats! You're either psychic or you're a stalking creeper. ... Kidding. Just kidding. ... I didn't hurt your feelings, did I? You okay? Want an ice pop or fudgesicle?
Anyway, so, I'm back at college. I got back up around 12:30, an hour and a half before the dorms reopened. How do I know this? Well, I tried my ID card on the card sensor by the front door of the dorm and it didn't let me in. So, what is a smart college student to do? Go chill at one of the few places he knows is open: the campus radio station! .... What, your college doesn't have a radio station? ... Well ... sucks for you.
So, I hung at the radio station for roughly an hour and a half, during which I checked out some tracks from She & Him's latest album (Volume Two) and Dr. Dog's latest album (Shame, Shame) and browsed the web a bit. And I also popped into the bookstore on the floor above to see if they had Micro SD card adapters as the one I had for ... 4 or 5 years busted the other day. They didn't.
Around 2, I made my way over to my dorm (with my suitcase, bookbag, bag of treats, and travel bag), but not before stopping at the mail room. What was waiting for me? A postcard from another college in NYC about summer courses and a local Chinese food delivery menu. Whoop-de-doo.
So ... back to the main tale of the hero ... that's me ... kinda ... not really ... ANYWAY! I was able to get in a little before 2, so I lugged everything up to my floor, peeled off the piece of tape covering the keyhole, and entered. I got started unpacking things, plugging the electronics back in (which included getting the mini-fridge to work, since I kinda sorta broke the temperature control dial thing before leaving for break ... but I got it to work. *phew*), and heating up some ramen for a late-ish lunch. Brandon arrived about half an hour later and we conversed a bit about how our respective breaks were.
3:15 rolled around and I headed down to the bus stop at the Union and caught a bus over to the nearby Best Buy, in hopes that they had the Micro SD card adapter that I required. And I was in lucky! I picked up a Micro SD to SD card adapter and a little USB reader for Micro SD cards in a little package, which wasn't too expensive, thankfully. While there, I also ran into a theater friend who had been the assistant director for "Noises Off" last December.
I checked my watch on the way out of the Best Buy. It was around 3:45. I decided, not seeing a bus and unsure where the bus would stop, if it would, to pick me up, so ... I decided to hoof it back to campus. The walk back to the dorm was a little over half an hour. It was quite a refreshing and tiring walk, but it was worth it.
As for the rest of the afternoon/evening, I took care of the photo of the day, browsed my usual sites, had dinner with my friend Anna and her parents in the nearest open dining hall, got a bit of homework done, got some video editing for Wednesday done, and chatted on Skype with a bunch of web friends, including Steve, Anne, Jessica, Paige, Ruth, Joel, and Chris. Many thanks to Anne for suggesting Daytrotter to me. I shall have to check it out more. And thanks to Steve, Jessica, and Ruth for the little discussions about the new Doctor Who episode.

Now, I shall bid you all adieu. ... Nah, I prefer allons-y! So ... allons-y, Alonso! ... Actually, I doubt that anyone named Alonso is reading this. ... Um ... if you ARE an Alonso, please leave a comment!
Until tomorrow, then!

[Currently listening to "You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie" by The Submarines]


Danielle said...

I want an ice pop! (which I assume is what you call a popsicle...) also I like that song that you are listening to.

BAM said...

it has been 2 days and the dirty ramen bowl is still on his desk.