Monday, April 12, 2010

BEDA 12: Humans and the Environment

We, as a species, don't contribute back enough to the planet.

I realized this today in my Political Science class. The professor was talking a bit about the animal liberation movements and in the last minutes of the class, she briefly touched on environmental movements. And it hit me, but I didn't necessarily feel like speaking up at the end of the class.
We use and use and use. We, as an overall species, don't care about the environment. We have been polluting and killing for a few centuries, taking little to no note about the environment. Sure, a portion of us recycle and have been working to reduce our carbon footprint, but it honestly seems too late.
Compared to animals, we're pigs. We slaughter animals for food after raising them in horrid conditions. We chop down entire forests for land for McMansions and for paper use. And yes, while a portion of us give back by planting trees and eating healthier, the scale is tipped in the wrong direction.
Animals give back to the environment. For one, bees pollinate flowers while gathering the needed materials to make honey. Without bees, we would, to put it politely, would be screwed.
So ... what're you going to do? Keep on living? Sure, go do that, but be armed with the knowledge that our eventual end is coming at us faster, like a boulder rolling down a hill that has picked up speed.

... Until tomorrow. Allons-y, Alonso.

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