Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weird Science: Fringe- Episode 2x19 "Brown Betty"

Just a few brief thoughts.
CAUTION: Spoilers follow. You've been warned.

Walter, what did I tell you about the bo- Oh, you have some Yes playing. Nice choice!
“Low Spark”, Mr. Reddick?! NICE!
Gene in a colorfully dotted outfit?!
I’m loving the noir feel of the episode!
Ha ha ha! Singing corpses! And they’re Willy Wonka fans!
Oh, a bit of “A Chorus Line”!
August is a tad bit creepy – scratch that – VERY creepy here!
And a bit of Stevie Wonder to end the show. Great musical selection!
Aww! Great ending!
Warning?! What warning?!

Until next week, you mad scientists!

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