Friday, April 09, 2010

BEDA 9: Nerdfighter Dreams

So ... as regular readers, you haven't seen a dream post in a while, so I decided to make today's BEDA about my most recent dream.
So, the beginning of the dream is a little fuzzy. I was at a bookstore or a shopping mall or something like that and I was leaving with some friends. I went up to their car window and knocked, asking if I could get a ride. They said "Sure," and we went on our way.
We were passing through a forest or wood or forest-y area of sorts when I requested that we stop so I could go my way. The driver started to slow down, but before the car was fully stopped, I had unbuckled and started to open the door. She reminded me to wait to get out until the car was fully stopped. I got out and fixed a really odd and unusual seatbelt problem: the belt got tangled around the outside of the car. Then, I departed through the forest.
The next thing I know, I'm climbing up a staircase in a near a small strip mall. I could hear the voices of John Green and David Levithan as I was getting closer. I was befuddled. "What are John Green and David Levithan doing here?!" I got to street level and there they were, about to enter a restaurant, Frenchie's, I believe. I said "Hi!" in an ecstatic fanboy-type way. They both said "Hi" back. I then proceeded to mull over my three options out loud to John and David. "Okay, I could just walk away and find some place else to eat. Or, if you don't mind my imposing, could I join you guys? Or would you mind if I perhaps ran back to my place where I have my pre-signed copy of Will Grayson, Will Grayson to have you guys sign it in the flesh?" They didn't object, but then another Nerdfighter friend showed up, more or less went through the same phase as me, and we proceeded to ring up a few other Nerdfighter friends.
Until tomorrow, Nerdfighters! DFTBA and allons-y, Alonso!

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