Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weird Science: Fringe- Episode 2x18 "The Man From The Other Side"

For this episode, I just took some notes, so here they are in their unedited form.
CAUTION: Spoilers might follow. You have been warned.

Rush! Nice!
“Hang tight. I’ll be fine.” That’s what they all say.
Okay … THAT is just gross.
Walter likes pecan pie? My favorite!
Walter grows pot. Wonderful.
A new shapeshifter was sent over and … is dead?
An invasion is imminent, I would guess.
Star Trek plug! Woo hoo!
A random recent corpse, Walter? What are you planning to do?! … RESTARTING A SHAPESHIFTER?!?!
HOLY *&^$*@#^&@#*
Was that Walternate on the bridge?
Peter doesn’t want to hear the full story. This can’t be good. … Crap.

Until next week, mad scientists!

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