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365 Photos, Day 230: Eternal Sunshine

BillTV Style: Camp, Teachers, and Radio

So, I'm pulling a Charlie McDonnell and doing a little blog post going a bit further into some things I discussed in this week's video. Enjoy!

One thing I originally mentioned in the video but ended up cutting out of the final version was the problem of geese and their deposits on the grounds on the camp. Yes, they were annoying and something to keep an eye out for at all times. "Where are the geese? Where is their poop? Where are the campers? Where are the campers in comparison to the geese? In comparison to the poop?" ... And so on.
There was also the problem of dirt/dust and playing with it, especially in the area where all the campers waited to be picked up at the end of the day. That area was the dustiest spot of the entire camp and where most of the campers (or most of mine, at least) got the dirtiest every day. You couldn't imagine how dirty their bags were. Their parents had a harder time imagining how their children's bags got so dirty.

Thank you to:
- my 3rd grade teacher who had us incubate chicken eggs and raise hermit crabs.
- my elementary school Band teacher who got me started and kept me going on trumpet. ... And he had a rad ponytail, too.
- my 5th grade Social Studies teacher who threatened to defenestrate things out of the window by his desk ... and ended up throwing out a fake rat. The custodian played Spider-Man and rescued the fake rat.
- my 6th grade Math teacher who once brought in a slab of ground beef to explain division.
- my elderly and spry 6th grade English teacher who did handstands.
- my 7th and 8th grade Band teacher who kept me playing trumpet.
- the other middle school Band teacher who encouraged me to stay in Annie, Get Your Gun even though I had a bit part.
- my 8th grade Social Studies teacher who wore sandals with his toenails painted the colors of the Italian flag.
- my 9th grade English teacher who was into Spongebob ... and who did pick some cool books (The Count of Monte Cristo, The Baron in the Trees, To Kill a Mockingbird, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape, to name a few)
- my 9th grade World History teacher who taught us about the sexual side of world history (ancient fertility statues, Cleopatra myths, and the Etruscans, to name a few).
- the high school English teacher who suggested I try out for one of the fall plays. And I got a lead role in the understudy cast.
- the high school English teacher who suggested I join Debate Team. I did ... and didn't really do much.
- my 10th and 11th grade Spanish teacher who let us do video final projects.
- my 11th and 12th grade AP US and AP Gov Pol teacher who loved talking about his kids and making pop culture references and more or less getting me to where I'm currently attending college.
- my 10th grade Physics teacher for making physics fun.
- my 10th grade English teacher for picking such a great reading list for the year (Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, Anthem, The Tenth Man, The Kite Runner, and Night, to name a few)
- my 11th grade English teacher who brought his bagpipes in on one occasion ... and who also picked some good books for the year (The Old Man and the Sea, Killer Angels, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Macbeth, and Inherit the Wind, to name a few)
- my 12th grade AP English Lit teacher who picked a fantastic book list for the year (Frankenstein, Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and Invisible Man, to name a few)
- my 12th grade AP Environmental teacher who kept his turtles in class and was always up to talk Lost with a few classmates and me.
- my Peer Leadership teacher.
- the head of the TV club who got me interested into broadcast journalism.
- my high school Band teacher. Never a cooler guy.
- my Experimental Film professor who got me to think outside the box ... just a bit ... and appreciate film as art.
- my British Spy Fiction professor for getting me back into spy novels ... and inspiring a killer spy flick idea.
- my Evolution and Cinema professor for broadening my understanding of human actions, especially the actions taken in films and what those actions suggest for the viewers.
- my Journalism professor for reading and liking my columns in the campus paper.
- my English professor who brought her dog to class ... and had us read Sandman: Dream Hunters and the first volume of Y: The Last Man.
- my Music professor who got me back into older rock.
- my Shakespeare professor for getting me back into Shakespeare.
- my Poli Sci professor who broadened my interest in political ideologies.
- my English professor who helped me to see the symbolism of popular culture.
- my Cinema professor who showed me so many great classic flicks.

Um ... nothing more to add on the topic of radio royalties.

Well ... I'm off to watch Rushmore. Allons-y!

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365 Photos, Day 226: Lunch and a Movie

The lunch, to be specific was a stir fry of tofu, Shanghai noodles, garlic, cilantro, broccoli, onion, green and red peppers, baby corn, water chestnuts, snow peas, and peanuts in a Ginger and Garlic sauce.
And the movie was "Scott Pilgrim". Which was epic.

365 Photos, Day 225: End to Dinner

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365 Photos, Day 219: Horns Progress

Dream Journal #4: College, Demonstrations, Olbermann, and Kidnappers

Well ... it's clearly been a while since a non-photo post ... or an exercise post (expect one of those in the next few days) ... so ... I had a jumble of dreams last night. Hope you find them interesting!
I believe the dream started off with me driving up to college ... or arriving at college. I was sitting in a lecture hall type room with my friend Sam (I think it was Sam) and a bunch of other people when I realized "Crap! I don't have any of my stuff up! And classes start tomorrow!" I then panicked ... and somehow found my way into an on-campus apartment of sorts with a guy who had the original Battlestar Galactica on DVD in a commemorative case that looked like Adama's helmet from the original series.
Then, the dream cut to a nail being hammered into the ground in a public place. Oil was coming up from the hole. And then agents of sorts drove up and the people who were with me at the protest/demonstration ran up to their vehicles and started yelling about the Constitution being real or something like that ...
And that was followed by me following Keith Olbermann down a long marble staircase. I got his attention, shook his hand, and started babbling with "I'm such a big fan ..." He had to go film or rehearse something ... a bit of a film/short film ... I'm not sure ...
And finally, I got out of a parked car that had two or three younger siblings by a river bank. I walked through the foliage with a sibling of the same age as myself to find other people doing the same ... and kidnappers tying up children. We ran back to the car, got our siblings out, and jumped into the river to swim away. I got out on the other side of the river, a little ways down, near a hardware store (I think) and started looking for a convenience store or something like that. I stumbled into a music store and found a TV playing a clip from an action movie that looked familiar.
The rest was a few quick cuts, one of them being either a picture or comment on Dailybooth by Danielle.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to see if I can get Andrew Bird's "Oh No" out of my head. The same snippet has been playing for a while ...


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