Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weird Science: Fringe- Episode 2.17 "White Tulip"

Caution: Spoilers from this point on.

Episode-Related Questions
How'd Robocop appear on the train?! Okay ... he gave himself the ability to time travel about ... 12 hours back, I would say.
How'd Walter's letter end up on the train?!
Why was there a white tulip in Walter's case?
Hrm ... could Walter be sympathizing with Peck?
But what would happen if he jumps back to save his wife? Wouldn't all of his efforts be negated?
Was the Observer on the train platform? I must have missed him.

Weird kid ... WAITASEC!
Deja vu? Jinks? Interesting.
Peter didn't discover the letter the second time around ... interesting.
Hrm ... they discovered him a different way the second time around. Peck got a bit sloppy.
OKAY! That is just ... *retches*
A man of science with a belief in religion? Interesting.

Until next case, my weird scientists!

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