Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Teachers, Health, Tape, and Other

Yes, I know I haven't posted in roughly three and a half weeks, but I have my reasons ... the first being midterms, followed closely by PAX East (I made a video about it), pre-Spring Break work, and lastly, Spring Break (well, one of two ... but that's a story for another time). I have a few things I feel are worthy of mentioning on this blog that have happened recently, so we'll proceed in chronological order, starting with returning to my high school alma mater.

I returned to my old high school yesterday to see the spring musical. They had the privilege of putting on a production of The Phantom of the Opera.  The performance was excellent, despite the production being high school level. There was an actual chandelier that was "crashed", they had a boat that worked (for the most part ... I mean, it was moving thanks to the stripped down electrical wiring of a wheelchair), and the three leads sounded fantastic! I caught up a bit with two teachers during intermission and a bit after the show was over. The first was my band teacher, who I had seen here and there since graduating. He's a rather cool guy and I can't believe how old his oldest son is now. The second was my 12th grade AP English teacher.  She was overjoyed to hear I'm majoring in English and we talked about where I might go with the major for a bit. I shall have to return to visit both on my next break.

I'm close to getting over whatever it is I got after PAX East and it's been almost 2 weeks since I showed symptoms and went in to Health Services. *sigh* All the doctors I've seen (three at Health Services, one pediatrician I've seen for years, and my uncle via phone) have said it's viral and I should get rest and eat healthy and gargle salt water and drink tea and such ... and I have been, but the symptoms have been going away slowly. My mom is convinced it's mono, but there's been no fever and no soreness in my abdomen ... the headache's gone, and so has most of the tenderness under my chin, along with my sore throat. *double sigh* I'm on bed/apartment rest, apart from classes and things I need to be at (my internship, my radio show, the Relay this weekend (again, depending on whether or not I'm feeling 100%, but I should be by Saturday)). But I can manage. I think I'm close to kicking whatever it is to the curb.

While waiting on an unusually long End-of-Spring-Break line (truthfully, a lot of the line was people seeing their children off) for a bus back to college, I started up a short conversation with the father of the girl ahead of me. He was talking about movies and spoilers (but not mentioning stuff like "Oh, Snape killed Dumbledore"), like Reservoir Dogs, The Sixth Sense, and The Usual Suspects. I commented on the Tarantino and Singer flicks, and he proceeded to mention Taxi Driver, which I had seen recently, so I mentioned my thoughts on it (Good 3-star film, but Bickle is hard to identify with. And also how the media can glorify those who don't fit the category of "hero".). While we were slowly filing up the line, we passed tape from a cassette strewn on the ground. We both noticed it and he commented on it to his daughter. I, meanwhile, thought of how we throw aside a trusty form of entertainment for the next hot thing on the market.

By the by, I created a side project of sorts where I post little anecdotes about the little things in life, like helping out a family member who you don't particularly get along with or being thanked by a class of 3rd or 4th graders for holding a door (speaking of those two, I should toss that post up on the site soon ...). Give it a look if you like.

Until next post! Allons-y, Alonso!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dream Journal #7: Zooey and the Food Court

Oddly enough, I had two dreams last night that somehow flowed together ... well? Decently? I dunno, but they flowed as dreams do.

I was in one of my high school science classrooms and Zooey Deschanel was at the front of the classroom, either with the teacher ... or she was the teacher. The class was working on a lab and we all asked her if she could sing for us. With some coaxing, she started singing 'Sing'. Coincidentally, 'Sing' was on my iPod queue this morning when it was trying to wake me up. Anyways, Zooey finished singing and the class dismissed. On my way out, I asked two classmates what the homework assignment was, just for clarification.

I was looking at the pre-prepared sandwiches and such in the food court and I noticed that the position of the soup pots was different, two on either side of the sandwich carrel. Courtney, one of the other interns at my internship, came up and started ladling soup (chicken noodle, I believe it was) out of one of the pots. It wasn't looking like chicken soup, as there were black beans in it. It might've been mislabeled, but she was looking a little disgusted to start. I believe I went over to another soup pot and got myself some soup and went off on my merry way.

Until next dream!