Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dream Journal #7: Zooey and the Food Court

Oddly enough, I had two dreams last night that somehow flowed together ... well? Decently? I dunno, but they flowed as dreams do.

I was in one of my high school science classrooms and Zooey Deschanel was at the front of the classroom, either with the teacher ... or she was the teacher. The class was working on a lab and we all asked her if she could sing for us. With some coaxing, she started singing 'Sing'. Coincidentally, 'Sing' was on my iPod queue this morning when it was trying to wake me up. Anyways, Zooey finished singing and the class dismissed. On my way out, I asked two classmates what the homework assignment was, just for clarification.

I was looking at the pre-prepared sandwiches and such in the food court and I noticed that the position of the soup pots was different, two on either side of the sandwich carrel. Courtney, one of the other interns at my internship, came up and started ladling soup (chicken noodle, I believe it was) out of one of the pots. It wasn't looking like chicken soup, as there were black beans in it. It might've been mislabeled, but she was looking a little disgusted to start. I believe I went over to another soup pot and got myself some soup and went off on my merry way.

Until next dream!

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