Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tech help, anyone?

Last Thursday, I installed the 2009 edition of Norton Internet Security on my Acer, which has Vista Home Premium. Since the installation, I've had troubles with the 3 web browsers I have installed (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome).
I can only open Firefox once. If I try to open it after closing out a browsing session, I can't because it's apparently still running in the Processes tab in Task Manager. And I can't end the process.
Internet Explorer processes sometimes stay open, but that isn't too much trouble.
Chrome, however, is giving me a headache. It's been my main browser since last September. Now, the pages in the tabs freeze and I have to close the entire browser window. What's more is that as a result of trying to successfully open a browser window, I end up with an excessive amount of Chrome processes that usually don't close.
And also, the definitions for Norton have stopped updated every 15 minutes.
I've been on the phone with Symantec once and I've done the remote connection service twice. Both times, the problem seems to have been alleviated, but in reality, it hasn't.
I really could use some help.