Friday, March 05, 2010

365 Photos, Day 64: Improv Everywhere

This was towards the beginning of the experiment.
I arrived about 15 minutes before the experiment started and met up with a few friends who were gathering for the experiment. They were psyched.
As the start time got closer, we were all counting down, silently and out loud.
Everyone started roughly at the same time, but I was 2 to 5 seconds behind, but I was able to keep up.
The activities, you ask? They included ... Nap Time, Steve Says, Follow the Leader, Freeze Tag, Thumb Wars, and an EPIC BATTLE with Balloons at the end. Guess who I massacred during the EPIC BATTLE? Charlie Todd himself!
The event itself was immense fun. And I ended up taking a "Mental Health Day" and missing the class that started 20 minutes before the event ended. Twasn't a big deal.
But it was incredibly cold. And I wished that I had worn my gloves. *sigh*
And I got a picture with Charlie, to cap it all off. :)
I can't wait to see him speak tonight. It should be quite fun.
Allons-y, Alonso!


potenta said...

cool 2 look happy :)

Jay said...

We are!
- Jason

Chuck said...

So awesome you got meet him! I almost didn't recognize him with the beard. What those guys do is so amazing and creative.