Monday, March 15, 2010

Mostly a (Mon)Day in the Life

Let's just say that Daylight Savings Time might've messed my schedule up a tad bit. Why? I forgot to turn off the 10 AM alarm and turn on the 9 AM alarm last night. I mean, it's not a major problem as my Monday doesn't kick into high gear until 1 PM or so ... but still.
I woke up around 10 with the ending strains of "Walk Like a Man" from the Jersey Boys soundtrack and the beginning strains of Linda Rondstadt's "You're No Good" entering my ears. I looked over at the clock a little groggily. It displayed 10:00 AM ... or thereabouts. I turned to look at Brandon (who recently started blogging) who was sitting at his desk. "It's Monday, right?"
Events proceeded. I undocked my iPod, turned on my phone, and checked my texts to learn from my brother that one of the nearby towns back home was almost flooded. Apparently, the NorEaster did a number back home. I hopped out of my bed with the covers more out of position than they usually are in the mornings. Maybe I had some bad dreams. I have no clue.
I got my shower wares together, showered, dressed, and walked down to the dining hall where I ran into Sam and Jim, two friends from back home who I know through my mom's circle of friends. We ate and caught up on life. I learned about Jim's unfortunate locking out at 1:30 or so in the morning because he was doing laundry, along with how he walked over to Sam's for a place to sleep in his socks ... and how he stole the covers and pushed Sam out of the bed.
I made my way back to the dorm to check my e-mail and such. I discovered that I had a package in. I popped down to the package pick-up and discovered that my grandparents down in Florida sent the latest Capitol Steps CD "Obama Mia" to me. It was quite a pleasant surprise. On my way back to the hall, Ben Folds's "Dr. Yang" came on my iPod and I was in such a good mood that I started dancing along, swinging along the poles by the main door and rocking down the hall - and then my iPod flew out of my jacket pocket, coming unplugged from the earbuds. Yes, I've been using earbuds more and more lately. But I digress. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the iPod. And I thank my leather iPod clip-on carrying case.
I settled back into my chair and started going through my e-mail, G-mail, Youtube subs, Dailybooth photos, and other such things. That included Pomplamoose's cover of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and some new She & Him streaming on NPR.
A short while later, I got a reminder text about a flash mob event for the Beyond Coal campaign that I'm a part of, so I kind of begrudgingly changed into the official shirt, grabbed my hat, and walked over to discover that I was late ... so I went back to my room, but not before making a stop at the station, during which time I discovered that Carolyn, one of the DJs, had acquired one of those shirts that reacts to sound, so I saw that in action, which was cool.
I got back to the dorm, changed back into my Ben and Jerry's shirt, and sat down ... then I got a text about re-doing the flash mob for a bit more news footage. I stopped what I was doing, changed back into the shirt, headed out, participated, and returned to my room. I sat down, looked at the clock, realized "Oh, crap, I have class in a few," so I gathered my stuff and headed off.
After Poli Sci, I grabbed a wrap from the dining hall, collected my laptop, and headed down to the station to eat and catch up on e-mail and such. And I thought I'd get this post done then, but ... off to Cinema, in which we finished watching the second Rambo movie and spent roughly an hour and a half learning about the state of the film industry in the 80s. Faster, por favor! We could've learned about all that in ... half the time, perhaps?
After Cinema, I made my way to the station and pulled what could be considered a ton of vinyl for tomorrow's show. The theme? The British Invasion. With a touch of the luck o' the Irish for St. Patty's Day. That was followed by dinner with Jared, Anna, Steven, and ... oh, I can't remember Anna's friend's name.
Dinner was followed by catching up on web stuff, as well as a new episode of House, which I blogged, and now we're in the present. I'm watching The Rachel Maddow Show while waiting for the rebroadcast of tonight's episode of Countdown. And I should probably do a bit more homework ... that would be the smart thing to do. And I'm smart, so ... enough typing on here! More typing in Word!

But before I go, I wanted to share a few quick links and such with you.

- I learned today that a house back near home burned down. It was designed by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. How sad.
- The A Cappella group Straight No Chaser posted a sweet cover of Queen's "You're My Best Friend".
- Craig (Wheezy Waiter) apparently kills his past self, killing his present self. WHA?!
- An office worker for Thinkgeek took a week off because he was feeling sick. His co-workers filled his office with 600 Tribbles. Hilarity ensued ... for the viewers.
- I found this bit of stand-up thanks to Bree. Ever had too much Powerpoint?
- And finally, I learned from my friend Frank that there are plans for a Doctor Who video game. *fanboy squee*

Okay, that's enough. ... For someone who isn't overly chatting ... I love to write. ... For some reason, I think I'm pulling a Neil Gaiman. ... I doubt it.

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