Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.07- "Dr. Linus"

This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Questions (chronologically)
How does Ilana know Jacob?!
Does Richard mean die as in no longer alive or die as in become mortal? Okay. He's sick of being immortal and wants to bite it already. But he won't until we get his story in episode 6.09.
The diamonds are still on the beach?!
WIDMORE?!?!?! ... He doesn't have Desmond, does he?

Musings (chronologically)
So … Ben is like Napoleon. How did I not realize this earlier?
Locke telling Ben to take charge. Wasn’t it the other way around before Ben was exiled?
Ben is NOT getting out of running detention easily.
Alex is back! :D
Hurley still has food on the brain. :)
Oh, look! It’s Randomly Appearing Richard!
Damn! Ilana is PISSED!
The history textbook was open to chapter 19. Someone on a Stephen King kick? :)
Ben’s SOOO not going to keep his promise. … Called it!
Jacob touched you, Richard? In what ways? ;)
Well, I’m glad Ben was able to choose wisely off-Island.

I love the contrasting shadows on Jack and Richard’s faces during their chat in the Black Rock.

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BeccaM said...

I love Michael Emerson. Him saying that "he's the only one that will have me" broke me. That's some great honest acting.