Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.09- "Ab Aeterno"

CAUTION: This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

- When’re we going to get Ilana’s full history with Jacob?
- How does Richard not know what to do next?
- The Island is Hell?!!? If that’s true … how did the 6 get off the Island? How did everything that happened happen?
- … Was Hurley talking with one of Richard’s dead former crewmates? … O_O
- Whitfield? … As in … ancestor of Widmore?
- HANSO! Magus Hanso! Yes! Finally! Bringing the ARG into the show!
- The foot of the statue was believed to be the devil. Something with a clash of cultures or beliefs, perhaps?
- So … was Jacob taking the form of Isabella? Or was that Smokey? Or was it all a hallucination?
- So … did Jacob somehow separate Smokey from MIB? Or is that what he wanted Richard to believe?

- Now we see how Ilana and Jacob knew each other. … Kinda.

- The Canary Islands in the 1800s … interesting.
- Well, I see that Smokey has been around for a while.
- 5 officers and Richard … 6 people … 6 candidates?
- This knife again … and the same instructions … interesting.
- Hrm … this is sounding a bit like The Tempest. Jacob brought the Black Rock to the Island, much like Prospero bringing Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian, Ferdinand, and Gonzalo to the island.
- Very interesting … like the clash of liberal ideals versus conservative ideals. Everyone is free versus everyone is corrupted.
- Perhaps Richard could see Isabella because he was close to death.
- Hurley is still defying the red shirt myth/legend.

- Oh, look. The boars are back.
- I hate the manipulation and lying by Smokey/MIB! I know that it’s necessary to the plot and all, but … GAH!
- Wet hair continuity fail.

Until next week, you lost candidates!

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