Sunday, March 21, 2010

He's Turned ... Into a Troll

I got a text earlier this afternoon from my brother that said "i know wat u can get me 4 my birthday..." *
What does he want, you ask? "un ds con hartgold"
Yes, one of the new versions of Pokémon. He's 16 going on 17. ... Really? "si"
"... You're still in to Pokémon?" I asked in reply? "who isnt?"
I'm not really. ... But this is the first I've heard from you about Pokémon in ... years." "i still like the u owe me after not seeing les mis" (My former high school just put on Les Mis as the spring musical and he played in the pit.)
"You haven't played the games since ... Diamond, right? Or Gold/Silver?" "crystal. but i have played it recently on my game boy. and i have tried a few of the others that my friends have." (... He's been playing his Game Boy Color recently?! What a shock!)
"Answer is no. But it may be a maybe if let my play a Doctor Who game on the Wii of the DS" "wtf?!? there is a game like that?" (I know I forgot a "you" in between "if" and "let". And he is apparently in shock.)
"Yes. There will be. Come holiday time." "if i let u do that, i would have to either spray the consoles w/ holy water or torch them." (Uh oh ... I'm not liking where this is going.)
"Doctor Who isn't the devil! Nor is it unholy!" "it is gay and lame! almost like you." (What a shock. Breaking out the old retort.)
"You're turning into a (internet) troll." "a what?" (Obviously, he doesn't check much College Humor. Or watch Ray William Johnson.)
"An internet troll. Look it up on Youtube or College Humor." "u ought to join IAA." (He thinks that I'm on a LITTLE bit too much. Obviously, he hasn't found good connections on the Internet. Just flash games and pics of babes for him.)
"You're offly sunny today. What's the occasion?" No reply. I guess I did learn something from that College Humor video. :) (And yes, I know I misspelled awfully.)
Thanks, College Humor!

And no, I'm not going to get him the DS and the game. I mentioned it to my mom earlier and she laughed. I guess that that's a no from her, too. I'll think of something inexpensive that he'll like or get a kick out of. Maybe a new Wii game. Or maybe I'll take him to see MacGruber or Shrek Forever After as an belated birthday gift.

*All sent and received texts are accurately quoted.


Danielle said...

There is nothing wrong with Pokemon =P

But your brother isn't very nice. He still think I'm a bitch? =P

Jay said...

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Pokémon, Danielle. I'm just saying "Why is he suddenly interested in it again?"
And I haven't talked it him about you recently ... seeing as I've been up here since late January.