Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Textual Innuendos

Earlier, I shot my mom a text asking what plans we (as a family) might have plans for April 3rd, the day of the HUGE Pillow Fight in NYC.
She told me that I had a dentist's appointment in the morning.
I replied with the info about the Pillow Fight.
She wanted to know when the dorms reopened and whether or not pillows were provided.
I replied with the info about both.
She asked if there was going to be an inspector checking pillows for bricks.
I replied telling her that the regs called for plain pillows. And no feather pillows were allowed.
She replied:
"oh no feather pillows they took out all the fun."
I replied:
 "But they cause a big mess ..."
She replied:
"what's a little mess when u r having fun"
Needless to say ... I didn't reply. I was too busy cracking up.

Hrm ... that's all for today. ... Oh, and we started watching Pulp Fiction in my Cinema class. I was quoting along with certain scenes. Twas fun. :)

Later! Allons-y, Alonso!

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