Friday, March 19, 2010

Typos ... in College

If you're looking at the title and thinking "Wait ... he's 20 ... and he isn't using Spellcheck and looking over his papers for errors?!" ... you're wrong, my friends. Scratch that last bit. I'm sounding like McCain ... and I'm not an elderly, grumpy, forgetful politician. ... Anyway ...
I receive a daily e-mail digest with information about campus events and such. Today, under the section of Career Development, I saw listed (and I quote directly):
How to Pepare for Grad School, the Workforce and Beyond
I shite you not. They forgot the Oxford Comma! But then again, who gives a fcuk about it? ... Oh! You mean the typo! Gee ... well ... either the Career Development Center thinks that they're too important for Spell Check or they overlooked it ... or the system that people submit information to the digest through didn't catch it and fix it.
But honestly ... you're a top state college ... and there's a typo in the daily digest going out to ALL the students enrolled. ... Really?!?! *dejected sigh*

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