Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.08 "Recon"

This post contains possible spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Sawyer's a cop?!?! And he's working with Miles?! WHOA! Total 180!
Flocke ... the half-truth ... it's not going to get you by.
He's calling Cooper?!?! ... Oh ... unresolved issues, I guess?
Who is Miles's girlfriend?
What made Sawyer chose cop over criminal/con man?
What killed nearly all of the Ajira people except for Zoe?
No wide eyes from Widmore about the revelation that Locke is not Locke?
... What is Sawyer thinking?!?!
CharlieCharlieCharlie ... KATE?!?! What'd she do now?

Well, now we know where Sawyer has been on-Island.

Seems like Sawyer is still in it for himself.
Flocke's revelation to Sawyer didn't seem to phase him. I guess that he's seen enough crazy stuff on the Island.
Well, this is getting interesting.
Aaron's crazy mother is... Claire?
People aren't really gone when they die. ... Nobody really dies on Lost ... hrm ...
Wow ... Crazy Claire is having a bit of a breakdown.

Oh, look! The numbers on the clock! 8:42 PM
A copy of Watership Down ... nice.
Well, we haven't seen Hydra Island in a while.
You've just been smacked down by Smokey!

And that's a wrap! Until next week, Losties!

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