Wednesday, March 31, 2010

365 Photos, Day 90: Complaint

So ... since when are the Jonas Brothers rock? To be honest, I consider them pop. I mean ... they are, aren't they? They're Disney bubblegum pop. I just don't see them as a rock group. I see them as a manufactured boy band.
And as for poor organization ... it's a LIBRARY for crying out loud! Things should be organized by artist/author and in the same section! I shouldn't find a War CD, followed by a White Stripes CD, a Who CD, and a Weezer CD. I should find a War CD, followed by a Weezer CD, a White Stripes CD, and a Who CD. This disappoints me severely.


Alissa said...

Ok... I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Not the disorganization, but the complaint. First off, individual libraries don't choose which genre certain albums fall under. It's the same nationwide, for all of our convenience.
Secondly, librarians are busy people. I know no one ever believes that statement, but they are. I've worked for a library, and my mom is a librarian assistant. They have much more important things to do than make sure the patrons put things back where they found them. They aren't babysitters. Normally that job would fall to the pages, but since I'm guessing this is your school's library, it's a safe bet that there are no pages. Even then, like I hinted at before, the patrons are the ones who screw up the system and employees can't be everywhere at once. And usually organizing and re-organizing the books takes the majority of time and focus.
Rant done.

Danielle said...

lol you sound so OCD (Jason, not the person who commented above me) with the whole "THE CDS ARE OUT OF ALPHABETICAL ORDER. I AM DISPLEASED." XD

Jay said...

Alissa: Okay, I get your point about the complaint. And I do know people who have done library work. And it's not my school library. 's the local library at home. Good ... comeback? Reply? Would that be the right word?
Danielle: I didn't write it in all caps ... so that's partially good, right? And I'm not OCD. I would just prefer that things, like said CDs, are easier to find, like all in one row, instead of being scattered around a few rows, mixed in with other CDs that they clearly don't belong with.