Monday, March 08, 2010

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.15 "Private Lives"

As I'm doing this for Lost ... and House is another one of my favorite shows ... I decided to do another posting series. And I might decide to do this for Fringe and Supernatural when they return.

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead. If you HAVEN'T seen the episode yet ... don't read past this.

Private Lives
Image courtesy of House MD Guide

Pre-credits teaser
- Oh, look! It's that girl from That 70's Show! What's her name? *goes to Wikipedia* Oh! Laura Prepon!
- She's blogging? ... Oh ... how ... coincidental.
- ... A black eye and bleeding from the gums? That can't be good!

First act
- I loved the speed dating montage! And House de-constructing the last woman ... classic House!
- Chase is quite the ladies' man.

Second act
- House ... The Usual Suspects was a great movie! And it makes sense if you think about it! ... Or watch it multiple times.
- ... And watching porn at work?!?!

Third act
- House ... you are just BASKING in the glory that is known as torturing Wilson. And I'm loving it. :)
- And you have stills from Wilson's movie? Um ... should I ask? ... You know what? I won't.

Fourth act
- Chase? Charming a nurse?!

Fifth act
- Oh! Finally! Cuddy appears!
- That was some fast typing and clicking, House! IRL typing doesn't work that way ... but we've learned that from the movies and plenty of other TV shows.
- ... Oh dear ... that bites, Laura.

Ending tag
- Ah, yes ... it all comes down to poop. ... Wait ... the poop question came up in a clinic case a few seasons ago.
- Ha! House, you laid the final blow in this episode!

Until next Monday, you scruffy pill-poppers!

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