Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dream Journal #3: Evelyn Evelyn

A quick note before we start: I had this dream between Friday night and Saturday mornings and I've been putting off posting it. But now is probably the best time, as I'm going to the concert tomorrow and all ... ANYWAY!
I'm rushing around my house, pulling things together before leaving for the Evelyn Evelyn concert, since I had just looked at the clock. These things include my Neil Gaiman comics (in case he makes a surprise appearance) and my laptop and my two video recorders (my Flip and my JVC) (in the event that I'm selected to NinjaView Amanda and Jason). I head out the door, after bidding my grandparents who are visiting for a bit goodbye.
Then, I'm walking down a sidewalk in NYC with my equipment and such. I come to a park-like area with benches in a C-shaped orientation. Seated at one area of benches are Chuck, Robyn, and Erica. They all start to get up as I approach. I notice that Chuck seems taller, so I mention it to him and say that it could be because I'm wearing my red Chuck Taylor's. Erica looks different. (I think she had red hair in the dream.) And I'm in awe of Robyn's accent. She compliments me on my yellow Amanda Palmer shirt, which I appear to be wearing.
A few concluding notes:
- Chuck is tall, but not as tall as he was in the dream. It's like he grew a few inches.
- I don't have an Amanda Palmer shirt.

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Danielle said...

That dream is so normal compared to some of the ones I have...XD

I want to feature in your dream sometime! Not that you have any control over that...XD