Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yeah ... (A Filler)

I realize that I've left you all hanging. If you follow me on Twitter or Dailybooth, you know that I've gotten some exercising in within the past two days or so ... and I can't lie. I have. I also had quite an interesting dream the other night that I've been meaning to get up. ... And a bunch of capsule movie reviews, too. They'll be coming tomorrow and Wednesday and such. Yeah ... I picked up a bunch of volumes of Bill Willingham's graphic novel series Fables from one of the local libraries yesterday and I've already blown through volumes 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7. I'm currently on volume 8. ... WHAT?! It's good stuff! Very Sandman-like, in the way that it incorporates fairy tale and other such characters. And I have been hearing buzzings about it being adapted for TV (either a series or mini-series). If you want to do your own digging, be my guest.
And it's also partially because of the computer problems I've been having. I thought that upgrading to Norton 360 would work. And it appeared to ... for a bit. But as they (I don't know who. It's a figurative "they" for all I care.) say "Shit's FUBAR." Chrome is stable when I boot up, but after an hour or two or so of browsing, the open tabs freeze and I have to close the entire browser. And that process remains open in the processes tab of the task manager. And when I reopen a Chrome browser, I get a little box that says something along the lines of "This profile could not be retrieved." I have no clue. And Skype stops working after a few hours, too. Same for Firefox. And same for Internet Explorer. ... But I don't get the "profile" box for IE. Oh, yeah, and iTunes has the same kinda problem, too. Anyone have any clue? I would greatly appreciate it. You have no IDEA how annoying it is when your browser crashes in the middle of ... blogging, photo uploading, video uploading, commenting ... whatever.
*listens to more of Dr. Dog's Shame, Shame to calm down*
Allons-y, Alonso.

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