Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Stereotypical College Student

Today has been ... a good day. And I felt like a stereotypical college student. Why? Let me tell you.
I slept in way past my alarm, but I woke in time to squeeze in a quick shower, grab a granola bar, and catch the bus to make my Teen Lit course, which I was a touch late to, but the prof didn't mind. And I learned that we'll only have 4 grades in the class. So I may or may not write the next paper. We'll see how busy I am with Harvey and other things this weekend.
I registered and got into 3 out of the 4 classes I was hoping to get in to. I swung by the English office and got a petition form for it. I walked back to the apartment for a lunch break and filmed a quick ranty kinda video before heading back down. I met with the professor of the course I'm trying to petition into and I found out that I couldn't petition in to the course, but that I should keep checking the registration site for people dropping the course. Before heading to hand in my Brit Lit assignment, I realized that I forgot it back at the apartment, so I spent a hell of a long time waiting for someone printing 145 pages on the double-sided printer for my assignment to print.
We viewed a few videos by Michael Olenick in my Video class and discussed human behavior in apocalyptic situations and such in my Zombie class, which was quite interesting. Dinner with my Zombie classmate (and radio apprentice) Tom went well. We discussed the group project we'll be working on for the end of the semester. We're thinking about an escape plan video, involving HVZ players. ^_^
And the second tech run is going quite smoothly.
Oh, and I didn't doze off in any of my classes today. I guess I should aim for 8 and a half or so hours of sleep more often. :)

Until next time! Allons-y, Alonso!

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