Friday, October 17, 2008

Supernatural 4x5: Monster Movie

This was a great episode. It could be because of the fact that the episode was made in the style of horror movies from the 1930s. It could be because of the dialogue. It could be because of ... Anyway, here are my thoughts.

Sam saw the 4th Indy film without Dean. Great moment.
D: I still have to see the new Raiders film.
S: I saw it.
D: Without me?
S: You were in Hell.
D: That's no excuse.

The fake IDs: Agents Angus and Young.
Great! Especially since the new AC/DC album, Black Ice, drops on the 21st.

The style of 1930s horror movies.
The transitions. The music. Some of the camera work. But nothing can quite match the campiness and style of 1930s horror movies.

The Big Lebowski!
D: The Dude does not abide.

Dracula reference:
The other barmaid was named Lucy. In Dracula, Lucy was Seward's fiancee.

The vamp on the motorbike! Hilarious!

And did you recognize the actor playing Dracula? His name is Todd Stashwick. You might recognize him from a few guest roles on The Middleman (Mr. White in "The Flying Fish Zombification" and Psych (Frankjim Ogletree in "Ghosts").

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