Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Circus Circus" Review (Pushing Daisies 2x2)

This was a really great, witty episode. Actually, they all are great and witty.

Anyway, main points:
1) The circus jokes
- I really liked the circus jokes. Getting the revived mime to talk. All the clowns in the clown car. The clowns wanting to create a union.
2) The limerick
- Limericks are so much fun.
3) Emerson's past
- Slowly, we're starting to see Emerson break down a bit. The pop-up book he created in hopes of his daughter finding him, from last week's episode. His fatherly instincts causing him to take the case and find Nikki.
4) Chuck and Ned making a fresh start.
5) And of course, Olive and Lily at the convent.

"I'm Ned. I wake pies and make the dead."
"There once was a name named Van Deenus. They said he had a big ..."

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