Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pre-Israel Thoughts

I'm leaving for Israel tomorrow night with my campus's Hillel program for Birthright. 10 days, with peers, mostly Kosher food ... wonderful. I was thinking about bringing a ham sandwich to the airport with me to eat while waiting in the terminal ... but that would probably be un-Kosher ... yeah.
I mean, I can deal with the food. I was in Israel for two weeks in the summer of 2008 for a family bar/bat mitzvah trip and I got accustomed to the food rather quickly ... especially shwarma ... oh, shwarma ... :)

Now, where was I? Yes, right, Israel. 10 days, 2 (maybe 3) books ... yes, books. Big books. Justin Cronin's The Passage (a 700 pager, roughly) and Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. The flights are going to be long, of course ... and we're going to have downtime in the hotels and on the bus ... we'll see what I can get done. And I might also bring Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture for a quick read to knock it off my reading queue.
But what else is there to talk about? I've been to Israel once before. I've seen a large portion of the sights and sounds ... but that's because I was there for a few more days and we went up and down the country. On this tour, we won't be going too far into the Negev ... and on the Margaret Morse tour, we went as far south as Eilat. Well ... we'll see what the trip shall hold.

Until next post! Allons-y!


Kali said...

Have a safe trip!

Jason said...

Thanks, Kali! I will!