Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dream Journal #6: Dorms, Doctor Who, Danielle, and Radio

The first thing I remember was being moved out of the apartment to another dorm for some reason, perhaps because there was room in another apartment-style living community. The move went smoothly and the new roommate seemed nice.
I was then on the Peace Quad with a piece of chalk, writing "The angels have it" on the walkway outside the Union, it being the TARDIS. I started walking down the path parallel to the Union. Danielle caught up with me and we walked into the Union, near the package pick-up and we found ourselves in the radio station, holding hands and saying hi to everyone. I looked at the clock and realized that it was Friday and past 1 in the afternoon and I had missed my show. I rushed back towards the control room and started blubbering to the GM and the head of Public Affairs about how I was in the middle of moving and totally didn't realize that it was Friday. They just looked at me, laughed, and went back to sorting files or whatever it was they were doing.

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