Monday, October 04, 2010

Dream Journal #5: Evelyn Evelyn Concert and Neil Gaiman in my Bathroom?!

Hrm ... I haven't done one of these in a while. ANYWAY ...
The dream started with me sitting on the side of the stage of a large concert hall with Evelyn Evelyn performing "My Space" on the stage. The keyboard was right beside me and the twins separated to play the song ... or so I can recall. It was a tad weird. But I was basically on the edge of the stage and my friend Sam was sitting in the front row on the far left.
The concert ended and the concert hall cleared. Sam and I were still hanging around near the stage. I learned that earlier in the evening, Neil. Yes, that Neil. Neil Gaiman ... duh. What other Neil would take part in an Evelyn Evelyn concert? Sam was flipping through Stories, I believe, when I asked him what Neil had read a bit from. I thought it might've been some of "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains".  According to Sam, he had read an excerpt from a short story about ... a coffee shop, I think? I'm a little unsure.
The next thing I know, Neil is in the main hallway of my house with two female fans who are getting scribbles. After they are done, I asked Neil if he could sign my copy of Sandman: Dream Hunters, along with the two Batman comics he did. He did and proceeded to write a little note of some sort.
I'm then out on the little front porch we (my family and I) have, removing a small hanging planter of roses that wilt as they get closer to the concrete floor of the porch.
- "My Space" by Evelyn Evelyn played in full on my iPod before I woke up to "I Live With You" by Grizzly Bear. And Evelyn Evelyn was playing "My Space" in my dream. ... I should get a totem.
- This post was written while listening to the new Belle and Sebastian album streaming on NPR. You should check it out.

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