Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dream Journal #4: College, Demonstrations, Olbermann, and Kidnappers

Well ... it's clearly been a while since a non-photo post ... or an exercise post (expect one of those in the next few days) ... so ... I had a jumble of dreams last night. Hope you find them interesting!
I believe the dream started off with me driving up to college ... or arriving at college. I was sitting in a lecture hall type room with my friend Sam (I think it was Sam) and a bunch of other people when I realized "Crap! I don't have any of my stuff up! And classes start tomorrow!" I then panicked ... and somehow found my way into an on-campus apartment of sorts with a guy who had the original Battlestar Galactica on DVD in a commemorative case that looked like Adama's helmet from the original series.
Then, the dream cut to a nail being hammered into the ground in a public place. Oil was coming up from the hole. And then agents of sorts drove up and the people who were with me at the protest/demonstration ran up to their vehicles and started yelling about the Constitution being real or something like that ...
And that was followed by me following Keith Olbermann down a long marble staircase. I got his attention, shook his hand, and started babbling with "I'm such a big fan ..." He had to go film or rehearse something ... a bit of a film/short film ... I'm not sure ...
And finally, I got out of a parked car that had two or three younger siblings by a river bank. I walked through the foliage with a sibling of the same age as myself to find other people doing the same ... and kidnappers tying up children. We ran back to the car, got our siblings out, and jumped into the river to swim away. I got out on the other side of the river, a little ways down, near a hardware store (I think) and started looking for a convenience store or something like that. I stumbled into a music store and found a TV playing a clip from an action movie that looked familiar.
The rest was a few quick cuts, one of them being either a picture or comment on Dailybooth by Danielle.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to see if I can get Andrew Bird's "Oh No" out of my head. The same snippet has been playing for a while ...


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