Saturday, February 06, 2010

Dream Journal #2: The Comedy Troupe

I know that I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I decided "Hey, I'm up, so why not?" And one of my friends is also keeping track of her dreams to improve her chances of lucid dreaming, so ... I might as well give it a shot.
So, I woke up to receive a call from Jon, one of the members of the campus's comedy troupe. He told me ecstatically that I had made the group. I told him "I didn't try out, so how could I have made it in?" He replied that they had all talked it over after not seeing me at auditions. The rest of the call was either garbled or I was too tired (in the dream) to understand what he was saying about the next meeting and all.
Cut to a dorm room, similar to my own where the members of the troupe are meeting. I popped onto the bed and one or two of the members groaned, as if to say "Why/how is he a member?!" One or two other members entered the room with the same expression on their faces.
Cut to a hilly area, where the members of the troupe and I are standing. One person is sledding down at a time to get weather readings or something like that from the bottom of the hill. (Don't ask. I don't know either.) I went down and I met Seth, an acquaintance of high school and a current classmate. He was checking readings. I didn't check anything. We both brought up the sled and some of the weather equipment to the top of the hill.
And that's that. Anyone good at picking apart dreams?
Speaking of sleep ... you should really check out Sleep Talkin' Man.
And this cover of Doctor Worm couldn't hurt either.

Until next time. Allons-y, Alonso!

- Jason

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