Saturday, September 26, 2009

College Check-in: Week 4- Done

  • Cinema: Started learning how to use Final Cut Pro. All we did was fiddle around with editing clips, inserting and superimposing them. I was expecting more. Oh well. Maybe next class.
  • English: Presented our Image Projects. Mine was a film reel (which I made out of cardboard and a paper towel tube) that told the story of Stewie Griffin who killed Michael Bay for Transformers 2 and left the head in a box in the desert to be found by Morgan Freeman. I got good responses on it. Also got our first response papers back. I did quite good, but I probably could've done a bit better.
  • Journalism: Interviewed another classmate. Interesting in-class assignment. Learned a bit more about 2 classmates, one of whom is apprenticing at the station and another who is in my English class. I need to find someone to interview for a profile for class. I might have someone to interview, but if that falls through, I might decide to ask a few celebs on Twitter. ... I'll see how things go.
  • Music: I LOVE THIS CLASS! We had a test on Thursday which had 6 M/C listening sections and another section with regular M/C questions. The listening sections were so fun. We listened to 6 songs and identified the form, syncopation, and other bits of the songs. The most fun section was probably "I Will Follow" by U2. Fantastic song!
  • Games: Nothing.
  • TV: I caught the season finale of Warehouse 13. OMFG! As for my regular shows, I now have 3 episodes of Glee to catch up on. I now have 2 episodes of Supernatural to catch up on and the season premiere of Heroes, as well. Fringe was pretty good this week. And I really enjoyed the season premiere of House. And Dollhouse's season premiere was pretty good. Didn't catch last night's Psych, though.
  • Reading: Haven't done much pleasure reading, but I did pick up a few books for cheap earlier today, including a PostSecret book. The creator's coming to campus to speak next weekend, so I wanted to have one of his books to get signed and to get a feel for the project. And I did pick up a copy of The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time, which has been on my list for a while.
  • Music: I'm really liking Jet's Shaka Rock and the Monsters of Folk's Monsters of Folk, which I'm listening to in the station as I'm writing this ... whoa ... trippy.
  • Clubs/extracurricular: Went to the first meeting for the Beyond Coal group, which is working to switch the campus from coal to alternative, cleaner energy sources. I'll be helping out at a photo petition on Tuesday. Should be cool. And I learned a bit more about camera operation at the Film Club meeting. But it was primarily the basics. Also thinking about auditioning for a campus production of "Noises Off". Now to find a comedic/humorous monologue ...
  • The webs: Nothing new.
  • Writings: Nothing new.
  • Mail: Got a letter from my friend Ikirak the other day and I'm waiting for a few other letters in the coming days.
  • Relationships: Nothing new.
Well, I think that that's about it. Stay tuned to my Youtube, Twitter, and Dailybooth for more updates, etc.! I should be back here soon! Oh, and I'll be back on the air this Sunday at 2 PM EST. Check this Twitter for updates!

TTYL, TTFN, be seeing you, and allons-y!

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