Thursday, September 03, 2009

College Check-in: Week 1- Done ... Mostly

Well, let's see ... where do I begin ... oh, yes! Friday!
Friday was Move-In Day. That goes without saying.
Saturday was UFest. I helped out a LOT, mainly tabling with other friends from the radio station who I hadn't seen all summer ... except for Matt and Erin, who I saw Coraline the musical with. And I had a foam fencing match with my friend Sam. Perhaps we'll get some footage of that one day soon. That evening, I went over to Ryan's and we watched episodes 1 through 5 of Spaced. I'm thinking that episode 2, 3, or 5 are the best. I can't quite pick one. Episode 2.3 has a very well-done Cuckoo's Nest homage, but episode 2.5 has the finger-gun fight scenes, however episode 2.2 deals with ... Jar Jar.
Sunday ... well, I did get some stuff done on the lazy Sunday before classes started. I printed my class schedule, got commentary on and posted my "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" short story (A link will be posted on my Twitter as soon as it's up. And my Dailybooth. And maybe a link here, too.), and posted a new vlog on my channel.
Monday! My first day of classes! Things went well. My video and filmmaking course seems cool, although we're dealing more with avant-garde/experimental/art films, as opposed to films with ... say, a plot. I have nothing wrong with it, but I would kinda prefer ... Hollywood-like short films, ya know? And my journalism class seems cool. My professor knows his stuff. He's been in the business for a few decades.
Tuesday ... and Thursday! I think that these will be my favorite days, overall! I have nothing until nearly mid-afternoon, which is great! I can catch up on work and chill before class! Anyway, my music course is SOOOO cool! It's a study of pop, rock, and soul music, and the professor is SOOO into it! Today, we went over rhythm and beats and stuff (all elementary for someone who was in band for ... 9 years *cough*ME*cough*), then he played bits of songs and we clapped along to the beat, to identify where the emphasis was, etc., etc. I knew 6 of the 8 songs he played: Milkshake, Pump It Up, In the Midnight Hour, In My Daughter's Eyes, Candy's Room, and When the Levee Breaks. Pump It Up, In the Midnight Hour, Candy's Room, and When the Levee Breaks are all FANTASTIC SONGS! I was, more or less, rocking out ... in the middle of a HUGE lecture hall. But I was sitting next to one of my new buds, so everything was alright. And my English course is pretty cool. We're studying how narratives are influenced by things like gender, sexuality, and other such things. We spent class today watching a few ads not shown in the US and discussing why they aren't aired in the US. It was QUITE interesting! ... And the professor brings her dog (a mini Australian Sheepdog) to class. He's adorable! He trods around the lecture hall, sniffing around, looking for a bit of attention. He's ADORABLE!
And Wednesday is roughly the same as Monday ... just with only my film class.
And Fridays? ... *singing interlude* I'm free to do what I want, any old tiiiiime! *end interlude* :D Can I plan things or what?!
Well ... you can be expecting a few videos from me over the next few days. Tomorrow will be a vlog that discusses a few other points. Monday will be a short that I shot while in the DC area for the 4th of July. And ... Wednesday, yes, right, will be a video response about how I came up with my web handle. Be sure to tune in for all!
So, that's been roughly my last week up here and my first week of classes in as succinct a blog post as possible! More to come!
Be seeing you.
- Jason

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