Thursday, January 15, 2009

The 7 Things Chain Thing

Well, I found out a little while ago that I was tagged by @coyotesqrl in the 7 Things chain post thing. And if I don't comply, 7 million people will die in 7 days, or so I've read. I guess that I don't have much of a choice. And I have chosen to answer the 7 things in 4 sections. Allons-y!

A. What's with the nose?!
1) I was born prematurely. Roughly 4 months to be exact. As a result of my premature birth, I wasn't fully developed, so my nose collapsed as a result. As a result of that, I had 3 reconstructive surgeries before the age of 5 (I used to joke that I had had more nasal reconstructive surgeries than Michael Jackson), or somewhere around there. I still remember walking around the house when I younger with a huge gauze thing around my nose that smelled horrible and asking my mom "When can we take this thing off?".

2) I'm Jewish. (That's supposed to be a joke. A ha-ha-ha kind of joke. But seriously, I'm Jewish and I don't fit the Jewish "stereotypes" (ie., cheap, big nose, good with math).)

B. Speaking of math ...
I'm good with math, but up to a certain point. I learned that in my Calc 2 class during my first semester. The professor was okay, and I was able to comprehend a bunch of what we were doing in class, that is until we got to sequences and series. Towards the end of the course, my understanding was better, but that's because I was using my old AP Calc review book that I bought to help me study for the AB Calc AP during my senior year. Ask me anything about derivatives, chain rule, trigonometry, or anything before that and I'll be fine. Ask me to find the derivative of the series sin(2x)cos(10x) and I'll Hulk out.

C. "Get outside and get some fresh air! Talk with people!"
4) I would go outside, but it's cold right now, so that's a no-no. And I kind of prefer slightly warmer weather. Like Florida in the wintertime.

5) I do talk to people ... online, usually. That's how this generation keeps in touch. We use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogger, and various other social networking sites and programs to "talk" to people from around the globe!

D. "Damn! How are you so good looking and single?"
6) First part: I have a fast metabolism. Second part: I took karate classes for about 5 years. I haven't been back since before I left for college. Before I left, I was a brown belt with a black stripe. So, yeah. I can kick ass.

7) Yes, I'm a bachelor. Please, enough with the high-pitched shrieks! I'm not one of the Beatles! I haven't really been one for dating, but you never know when I might leap off the bachelor plank into the churning seas of relationship.

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Have a nice day! :D