Saturday, June 02, 2012

Canadian Rockies, Day 3

A few things to add on today, namely activity-wise.
1) The gondola: It's about a 15 minute or so round trip from near the Banff Fairmont up to Sanson Peak and back. Beautiful view of the surrounding park both ways and up on the peak. There's a touristy area (gift shop, snacks, restaurant) up top, along with a walking path over to and up to a former observatory. The walk and climb are rewarding for the view ... and the occasional begging squirrel, but be careful with them.
2) Lake Minnewanka: There's a really nice hour-long cruise of sorts around the lake with a knowledgeable guide and a chance of seeing some wildlife.
Otherwise, I met up with Kelsey (allomer from DailyBooth) for tea (and a very nice chat) and talked travel stuff with a Welsh couple on the cruise. They emigrated in the late '60s to Ontario and were taking an RV trip with some friends of theirs from Britain from Vancouver to Calgary, so they made some sightseeing suggestions for Vancouver.
Oh, and as for food, there was another stop at Wild Flour, ice cream from Cows, and dinner at Poppy Brassiere.
Now ... to bask in the beauty of Lake Louise and maybe work on more 11/22/63 before turning in. Hope you're all enjoying the recaps and pictures!

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