Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Been About a Month ...

*coughcoughcough* So ... *shuffles around and dusts off keyboard* It's been a while ... I have a few reasons ... first, being the second spring break. I didn't do much work and indulged in some pleasure reading. When I came back from break, I was playing catch-up, mostly with Earth Abides for my Apocalyptic Lit class. The book was ... okay. It was slow ... and I wasn't really liking the narration style. The main character, Ish, thought to himself most of the time, he rushes into a relationship with an African American woman after the apocalypse, no moves are really made to try and restore civilization to a pre-apocalyptic way of life ... and he overpraises his bright son who dies of typhoid fever. Okay read, a bit over-hyped by the professor.
Apart from that, I was finishing up Vlog/Video Every Day in April and doing my best to keep up with the rest of my coursework, the remainder of my internship, and other goings-on on campus. And those things have taken time away from my internet social activities, like blogging and vlogging and such. I mean, Twitter and Dailybooth are relatively easy to keep up with, but I wanted to hold off on the time-intensive activities until I had time ... and that time is nearing.
The semester is almost at an end, thankfully. I handed in a roughly 8-pager yesterday and I'm finishing off 2 4-to-5 pagers for tomorrow, followed by a final tomorrow night, followed by station business, and one on Tuesday night, followed by ice cream with friends. And packing. Lots and lots of packing. Well, maybe minus one of those "lots", thanks to the fact that my parents took back about half of my stuff when they stopped in for lunch the weekend after the second break. Most of this round of packing is sheets and mattress-related materials, so they'll take up the most space.
*cracks knuckles* Well, I'd best better be getting back to the writing ... post-food, of course. See you all in a few days ... with a few more comics, hopefully. Not too much drawing improvement, but ... meh.

Until next time! Allons-y, Alonso!

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