Monday, February 14, 2011

On Arcade Fire's Win

Well, where to begin? Seeing Arcade Fire on the stage launching into 'Month of May' was absolutely fantastic, although I didn't think it was the best choice from the album to play at the Grammys. But then again, it was the first single. When I heard it last year when it dropped, I listened to it and thought something along the lines of "Oh, this is cool. Maybe a little loud and scream-y for me ..." And then I heard the whole album when it dropped and I flat out loved it.
And then when Barbara Streisand announced that The Suburbs won ... I nearly jumped out of my seat. Both fists shot up in the air and started pistonning. I was making a high pitched noise somewhere short of a dog whistle. I was jubilant. ... Extremely jubilant. Yes, I know that The Black Keys won an award or two or three for Brothers and Vampire Weekend was nominated in two or three categories for Contra but didn't win and Mumford and Sons didn't win either ... but still ... we can now say that Arcade Fire is a Grammy Award-winning band.

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