Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live-Blogging the 2011 Oscars

Let's get the show on the road a little early, shall we?
7:54 PM- I'm watching the ending of the Red Carpet stuff. Robert Downey Jr. and his wife are on now. They're adorable!
8:01 PM- Waitwait, half an hour until the awards start?! C'mon!
The show
8:30 PM- Ooooooh, awesome opening montage! And excellent song choice!
8:31 PM- Eeeeee! ^_^ I love this! Franco and Hathaway in Inception, The Social Network, The Fighter, True Grit ... MORGAN FREEMAN! :D ... The King's Speech, Black Swan ... Alec Baldwin! "Inceptioned!" ... BACKTOTHEFUTURE! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
8:37 PM- Where was the DeLoreon?! XD
8:40 PM- And we're thanking the moms ...
8:41 PM- "Where's the dad?" XD
8:42 PM- First award! Presenting: Tom Hanks! And it's for Art Direction.
8:43 PM- The girls across the hall just squeed about Titanic.
8:44 PM- Art Direction goes to Alice in Wonderland! 1 for 1
8:47 PM- Cinematography ... and it goes to Inception! Congrats to Wally! 1 for 2
8:49 PM- Commercial
8:51 PM- Kirk Douglas?! Wow ... *applause* 95 this December ... presenting for Supporting Actress, huh?
8:55 PM- Eeee! Adorable!
8:57 PM- Congrats to Marissa Leo! 1 for 3
8:59 PM- And Melissa got bleeped. XD
9:00 PM- Nearly cried, maybe?
9:01 PM- Let's see if Justin tries to hit on Mila. XD And no, Justin, you aren't Banksy. And Justin and Mila are presenting Best Animated Short.
9:02 PM- And he whips out his iPod/iPhone. XP
9:03 PM- And ... The Lost Thing. 1 for 4
9:05 PM- Best Animated Feature!
9:06 PM- TOYSTORY3! :D 2 for 5
9:08 PM- Commercial
9:12 PM- And we're back! Anne Hathaway is taking about the history of the Oscars!
9:13 PM- Oooh, Brolin and Bardem in matching suits! ^_^ And they're presenting Best Adapted Screenplay!
9:14 PM- Sorkin wins! :D 3 for 6
9:16 PM- And here goes Original Screenplay ... God, I love Javier's tone!
9:18 PM- And ... The King's Speech it is! 3 for 7
9:20 PM- And another commercial
9:23 PM- Anne Hathaway in a suit! ^_^ Song and dance number?
9:24 PM- Cut to embarrassed Hugh! XD
9:25 PM- That's ... that's ... XD And a Charlie Sheen joke!
9:26 PM- Will Russell hit on Helen? I hope not! ... Oh dear. XD
9:27 PM- In a Better World ... 3 for 8
9:29 PM- And Reese is presenting Supporting Actor!
9:32 PM- Aaand ... Christian Bale! 4 for 9
9:35 PM- Commercial time
9:39 PM- And the Oscars will still air on ABC until the world ends ... or past that. XD
9:40 PM- Ze Aussies are coming, ze Aussies are coming! XD Ze are presenting Sound Editing! And probably Sound Mixing, too. And Score, I would guess. Classic John Williams medley! :D
9:42 PM- Okay, Best Score it is.
9:43 PM- Oh, well ... I'm still very pleased that Trent and Atticus won. 4 for 10
9:45 PM- And here's ScarJo ... and Matthew who slurs a bit ... I think. XD Presenting Sound Mixing and Editing, I guess.
9:47 PM- INCEPTION! Sound Mixing! Alright! 5 for 11
9:48 PM- "Chris is the architect ..." ... Wait ... so who is in control of the dream? XD And now it's Sound Editing.
9:49 PM- And it's Inception ... 5 for 12
9:50 PM- And we're back to the commercials
9:54 PM- Tomei presenting ... the Science and Tech stuff.
9:55 PM- Here we go to Cate Blanchett, presenting for Makeup!
9:56 PM- Rick Baker wins! 5 for 13
9:58 PM- And here we go to Costume Design.
9:59 PM- Another win for Alice? XD 6 for 14
10:01 PM- Well, hello, Mister President! Nice to see you poking into the Oscars! And here's Kevin Spacey!
10:02 PM- For Best Song ... we start with Randy Newman for Toy Story 3.
10:05 PM- Mandy Moore ... and Zach Levi! :D
10:07 PM- And a commercial break partway through the Best Song part? XP
10:11 PM- Jake! Quite making James jealous! But you're presenting Best Documentary Short with Amy Adams! :)
10:13 PM- Congrats to Strangers No More. 6 for 15
10:14 PM- And to Best Live-Action Short!
10:15 PM- And I got it wrong. XP 6 for 16
10:17 PM- Remixing and Auto-tuning .. did they get the Gregory Brothers or Mike Relm for this? XD
10:19 PM- Oprah ... what're you doing presenting at the Oscars? XD But you're presenting Best Documentary.
10:21 PM- And another one for my brother XD 6 for 17
10:23 PM- And another commercial?! Geez!
10:26 PM- Oh, Billy ... you've put on some weight ...
10:29 PM- Oooooh, the first televised Oscars!
10:30 PM- Yeah ... a talking Bob Hope is a little unnerving ... but hey, it's Jude and Robert! :D I love the bromance.
10:33 PM- INCEPTION! :D YES! 7 for 18
10:34 PM- And to Film Editing we go!
10:35 PM- Congrats to The Social Network! And it's another I lost. XD 7 for 19
10:36 PM- I hope I will break into the double digits tonight. XD I won't get them all right.
10:37 PM- And another commercial XP
10:41 PM- Mkay, James, innuendos? Really? XP But at least the Songs are continuing.
10:42 PM- Florence of Florence & The Machine did the vocals for this song?! WHOA! :D
10:46 PM- Randy Newman got it? :/ Oh well ... 7 for 20
10:48 PM- And another commercial break XP
10:52 PM- And here's Celine Dion honoring the ones we've lost.
10:55 PM- And to another commercial? XD Or no! Halle Berry talking about Lena Horne ... and another commercial ... after Lena finishes singing?
11:00 PM- Well, they didn't keep the ceremony under 2 and a half hours. But here's Hillary Swank introducing Kathryn Bigelow introducing Best Directing.
11:02 PM- Whoa! That's a shock! Congrats, Tom! 7 for 21
11:05 PM- Heeeere's Annette!
11:06 PM- Oh, wonderful awards recap!
11:08 PM- And another commercial XP
11:11 PM- And we're back! Get to the final awards! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFF! And here we go, glad-handing the Lead Actress nominees.
11:16 PM- Called it! 8 for 22
11:18 PM- Quick! Zoom in on Natalie's belly!
11:19 PM- Anne, you're flubbing your words. XD Hrm ... last year's Lead Actor and Actress winners presenting to this year's.
11:21 PM- Is Jeff going to win this again? Nah.
11:25 PM- COOOOOOOOOOLIN! :D 9 for 23 Can I make it to double digits?!
11:29 PM- C'mon! Can't we get this ceremony under 3 hours?

11:31 PM- STEVEN! :D FINALLY! Get on with the presentation!
11:35 PM- EXCELLENT montage!
11:36 PM- And the Oscar goes to ... THEKING'SSPEECH! I got into the double digits! 10 for 24

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Thanks for following along and see you all next year at the Oscars! Allons-y!


Ruth T said...

The red carpet talk is a bit boring . . . in fact, I'm not a huge fan of red carpets in general, but some of the dressed were pretty. And Bale's beard was scary. :-s Looking forward to the show!

Ruth T said...

As supposed to the undressed, who weren't pretty at all . . . Hahaha . . . oh, I really need to sleep :-s