Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top of 2010: Music

Being a member of the radio station, I have access to more new music that I can keep track of. What follows are the twelve I've been listening to a fair amount (some more than others), as well as my top 9.

Winter: Contra (Vampire Weekend), Sign No More (Mumford and Sons)
Spring/Summer: Travelers in Time and Space (Apples in Stereo), Shame Shame (Dr. Dog), Volume Two (She & Him), Evelyn Evelyn (Evelyn Evelyn), Good Old War (Good Old War)
Fall: The Suburbs (Arcade Fire), Write About Love (Belle and Sebastian), Lonely Avenue (Ben Folds and Nick Hornby), Le Noise (Neil Young), The Orchard (Ra Ra Riot)

My top ones include (in no particular order once again):
- Contra: Perfect summer-y sound in the darkness of winter to dispel all cold feelings. 'Holiday' is the perfect summer-y tune. And oddly enough, it's in Honda commercials now.
- Sigh No More: British folk rock. Shakespeare nods here and there. Heart-wrenching lyrics. Need I say more? Try 'Awake My Soul'.
- Good Old War: Wonderful flowing concept album that's a strong follow-up to their debut. Go with the single 'My Own Sinking Ship'.
- Shame Shame: Pretty steady set of indie rock tracks from Philly. Try 'Jackie Wants A Black Eye' and 'Unbearable Why'.
- Volume Two: Summer, bubble gum-y ... and it's Zooey Deschanel, who does have quite a soothing voice! Try 'Thieves' and 'Ridin' In My Car'.
- Evelyn Evelyn: One half is Amanda Palmer. And it's a really odd concept album, featuring a bit of a few pop genres, but it works and it sounds stellar. Try 'Elephant Elephant' and 'Chicken Man' to get the scope of the album.
- The Suburbs: Arcade Fire. Need I say more? Try 'We Used To Wait'.
- The Orchard: Somewhat of a Vampire Weekend-esque sound, but not quite. Try 'Massachusetts'.
- Lonely Avenue: Ben Folds' piano skills don't let you down, paired with Hornby's wondrous words. Definitely check 'Levi Johnson's Blues', 'From Above', and 'Saskia Hamilton'.

Until next post! Allons-y!

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