Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday, Or What To Do Instead of Seeing Drake

Last night, Drake performed on campus. Drake? The name doesn't sound familiar? Aubrey Drake Graham, most well known for his part as Jimmy Brooks in the recent rebook of Degrassi? This guy.
Well, he played campus last night, and as I'm not the biggest fan of Degrassi (haven't even watched it) nor am I the biggest fan of rap/hip-hop, I avoided the concert. Instead, after rehearsal (I'm assistant directing a production of Harvey on campus), I ate dinner and mulled over whether or not to catch a shuttle back up to the apartment to drop of my bag, which I had been carrying around all day. I decided that I wouldn't because of time logistics. Instead, I headed down to the Lecture Hall to catch a screening of Oliver Stone's Wall Street, the first of a handful of films being presented by the Cinema Department this semester as part of a film club thing.
The film was an interesting character study, but I probably would've had a better grasp on the plot if I knew more about economics. Yeah ... 7th and 8th grade Home Ec classes went out the window a while ago ... and I probably would've been a bit more interested if I wasn't dozy during the first half hour-ish of the movie.
The screening was followed by a walk over to the Fine Arts building to see a long form improv troupe (a few friends are members) in one of the small performance studios. The group warmed up with Hot Stop and launched into a series of character sketches that relied on word suggestions from the audience with some interesting situations (orgies, thieves of baked goods, lesbians who can't cook quiches ...). They ended with Showdown, during which they asked for audience participation. It was rather amusing dying twice. And I've made it my goal to get involved at the workshops.
After the performance was over, I walked back up with Eliana (the pianist ... remember her? Yeah, she was at the improv performance) and some of her friends to her place and I headed over to the nearest shuttle stop and caught the bus up to the apartment, unpacked, and unwound with Danielle on Skype ... until the early hours of the morning. It happens

Until next time. Allons-y!

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