Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coffeehouse Blues

Friday night,
Sitting in the Undergrounds.

It feels like a coffeehouse
With the dim lighting
And the snack bar in the corner.
I'm nursing my hot cuppa
Earl Grey,
Steeped by myself
With a makeshift tea bag
Made from a coffee filter.
My friend Ben opened
And did quite well

With songs that were both

Heartfelt and packed with emotion ...
And rambling/Tom Milsom-y lyrics at times.
Johanna from Sticklips was quite good.
And Madeline and her bandmate Jacob
Did quite well, too.

I'm still nursing my tea

With two packets of Equal
Wishing she could be here.
She would love it,
Both the live music,
As well as my company.
And I would love hers.

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