Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weird Science: Fringe- Episode 2x21 "Over There, Part I"

Well, folks, the season finale is here. The two worlds are now at war. Let's see how things turn out, shall we?

Alt-Charlie! He's still alive somewhere!
Alt-Olivia is a ginger?!
Alt-Charlie still has the worm/bug infestation. I like the continuity.
Alt-Astrid is a techhead? Interesting.
Frank? Who is Frank?
How were our Olivia, Walter, and two other people able to stay so quiet?!
Oh, alternate title sequence! Cool!
What is Walter up to?
Oh, the Observer is helping. This should be QUITE intriguing.
I really like Brandon's recurring appearances. He's the geek who loves the little attention he gets. :)
Achieving noble goals through ignoble means ... eh ... not the best way to go about things, Walter.
Everyone saying their last goodbyes and making good before they go ...
Grayshot Bridge ... Cloverfield ... deliberate?
The analogy of Walter/Walternate and the theater ... interesting. :)
Hrm ... no Andrew Jackson in the alternate reality? Martin Luther King Jr. on the $20? Interesting.
The D.O.D. is on/near Ellis Island? Interesting.
The ZFT ... it came to fruition in the alternate world ... wow ...
What's the deal with the lack of coffee?
How did Lincoln know or recognize Nick?
Noooo ... not Walter! But he's going to be okay.
What's the deal with the tattoo?
Belly returns! :D
What exactly does that thing do?!

Until next week and the end of the season, folks!

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