Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Questions, Not Answers: Lost - Episode 6.16 "What They Died For"

What follows are the play-by-play thoughts. Caution: Spoilers are afoot, so you have been warned.

That cut is back. Or is still bleeding.
Desmond … no … no … not again!
Desmond wailing on Ben … this is TOO good!
Finally! We’re back to the trio!
So … this is AFTER the plane was wired to blow, I’m guessing.
Okay, we now know who wired the plane.
Everyone’s going to meet up at the concert … oh, this is going to be TOOOOO good!
Desmond turned himself in … to get access to Sawyer and Miles. Or just Sayid. Or Kate. Or all four of them.
Sawyer is taking this hard, harder than he needs to.
Ghost Jacob wants his own ashes back … to revive himself? … Nope, to kill himself so his successor can take over.
Ah, the fan-made promo. This was one of the two that I really liked. The other was the one with the people crying over the end of the show.
Miles turning tail? C’mon, Miles!
Did Richard just … is he …
Hrm … matching or nearly matching facial wounds/scratches.
“Even if we have to kidnap you.” XD
Oh, the similarities … :)
BEN … ARE YOU … GAH! What happened to the more caring Ben Linus? Or did he die when he saw Alex’s grave?
Locke wants another chance at life. Good!
And now we know why Jacob brought them to the Island? So … was Jacob the one who caused Swan malfunction?
Did Jacob … turn the water to wine or was it just me?
By get out of here, does he mean get out of the vehicle or get out of the life of a happy existence?
ANA LUCIA!           
Ana Lucia isn’t ready? Ready to move on from this life?
SMOKEY … OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod … the opening of the season premiere … it’s going to come full circle!

... Until Sunday, you castaways!

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