Monday, May 17, 2010

Differential Diagnosis: House- Episode 6.22 "Help Me"

Well, here it is, folks, the season finale of House. Let's take a look back at previous season finales.
Season 1: House's ex, Stacey, still has a thing for House, but is married to a man who House cured.
Season 2: House is shot by a disgruntled former patient, has roughly an hour long hallucination, which gives him the idea to get a ketamine treatment, curing his pain.
Season 3: House saves a Cuban immigrant and his team leaves.
Season 4: In a two-parter, we learn that House is responsible for Amber's accident and death, hitting him and Wilson quite hard.
Season 5: House, suffering from hallucinations brought on by the Vicodin, checks himself in to a psychiatric hospital.
And now, we come to season 6. It has been mostly an optimistic and inspirational season. House managed to kick the Vicodin habit and inspired those in the hospital, including Alvie, who appeared in last week's episode as a bit of a housemate. And now the season finale.
House is recruited by Cuddy to assist at a crane collapse site. While there, he finds a woman who has a leg pinned under rubble. The main plot of the episode is House dealing with Hanna, the trapped woman, who might lose her trapped left leg, putting her in a situation similar to that of House. It's emotionally trying for him and emotionally trying for us, his loyal viewers and fans.
House also somewhat deals with the repercussions of the gift he gave to Cuddy: a medical book by her great-grandfather (if I'm not mistaken). Cuddy is still dealing with her feelings for House and her just-announced engagement to Lucas.
But by the end of the episode, both of these key points converge. House amputates Hanna's left leg, but she dies on the way to the hospital from a fat embolism. House is very angry and depressed, so he returns home and tears off the mirror in his bathroom, to reveal two bottles of Vicodin hidden in a drilled-out hole. He mulls over taking the pills when Cuddy shows up to console him. She left Lucas and has accepted House into her life. They kiss. And we finally have Huddy. *tear*
Overall, I quite enjoyed the episode, both because of the shooting style (shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras) and because of the emotional content and impact. At the end, as soon as I saw the bottles, I knew what House was planning on doing. I didn't want him to take the pills because of the vast improvement he made. ... And he didn't. And we, the loyal viewing audience, we, who have hoped for years to see House and Cuddy hook up ... we got a teary and emotional but well-worth-it conclusion.

Until next season, you crotchety, scruff lovers!

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